A Puzzle & A ‘Swanwick’ Update..

questionmark-y6zdzhRight, here’s a puzzle for you:

In the past few days TWO separate individuals have told me about an article they read recently in The Times about a young, first-time novelist, who’s written a book about a doll’s house, or something? (Have Googled but came up with zilch) and in the article, she was full of praise for writing courses and classes (hurrah!).

Has anyone else read that article and/or can tell me what the novel is and the name of the author? I thank you! (in advance).

I am going to Swanwick on Saturday and all I have done so far is get together the 6 bottles of wine I’m taking (to SHARE!), the corkscrew, plastic glasses and a multi-pack of crisps. Have I got my priorities right, or what?! May have to think about actually packing some clothes and writing equipment, tomorrow.

Two days after I get back from Swanwick we have relatives descending for the first time (I mean, these particular relatives) and we want it all to be lovely because we’ve stayed with them numerous times and they’ve always look after us really well and cook delicious meals.

Anyway, they are coming for ‘2-3 days’ (they haven’t even TOLD us how long for!!) and so, as soon as I get back from Swanwick I will be in complete ‘Hoovering-with-one-hand-making-a-quiche-with-the-other’ mode. My holiday will soon be a distant memory BUT I intend to enjoy it while I’m there!

Saga Travel Writing Competition – closing 15 August

Now, there isn’t much time for this one but if you’re 50 or over (Ha! as if any of us would admit to that) you might be interested in the Saga/Telegraph Travel writing competition, which is free to enter and has some lovely-jubbly holidays as prizes. Have a look here. Even if you don’t want to enter the competition (or are too young!) there are some useful tips on travel writing! Good luck!

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10 Responses to A Puzzle & A ‘Swanwick’ Update..

  1. Wendy Clarke says:

    Have a lovely time at Swanwick, Helen.

  2. Thanks, Wendy. It’s a new experience for me, which is always exciting, isn’t it? I’m looking forward to it. It will also be nice not to be working/teaching. I’m just there to enjoy myself!

  3. Bill says:

    Hope you have a great time! You appear to plenty prepared! lots of negative comments on the Telegraph site about the saga comp you mention Helen……………doesn’t make good reading.

  4. Barbara says:

    Hi Helen-the book you want details of is The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton-the story of the publisher bidding war is one dreams are made of! Here is an article from the Evening Standard though I first read it in The Independent or another paper. http://www.standard.co.uk/lifestyle/books/author-jessie-burtons-debut-novel-inspired-by-a-dolls-house-is-next-big-thing-9562383.html

    Maybe you will be next with your novel:)
    enjoy Swanwick.

  5. It’s The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton, Helen
    Elaine Everest

  6. Clair Chaytors says:

    I did read a piece in the daily mail about The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton. However, so far I haven’t come across the book in the shops?

  7. rosgemmell says:

    Yes, the book that’s being talked about just now is The Miniaturist which is set in 17th century (think that’s right) Amsterdam. It sounds fascinating and I read a great blog post from the author, Jessie Burton, in which she outlined her rise to such unexpected fame and how she got her agent.

    Enjoy Swanwick – I’ve only ever managed to go once some years ago!

  8. Tracy Fells says:

    Think the novel you mention is The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton – getting rave reviews. Heard her talking on R4 Open Book, she sound incredibly young but enthusiastic. I may wait for paperback … Hope you have a terrific time at Swanwick. Remember to take plenty of cash. First time I went I thought it would be like a hotel where you can put drinks etc on your room bill – and they don’t take cards, just cash (and there is a book room to buy books). Good idea to take own wine and glasses too.

  9. Thanks for the tips, Tracy!

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