‘500 Followers’ Writing Competition!

PantherAs promised and to celebrate reaching 500 followers on this blog, I’m running another of my little writing competitions, which is free to enter and open to everyone.

I have used this handy ‘random word generator’ to come up with 4 words and I’ve added ‘500’ (which is either one or two words, depending on how you use it) and, well, it’s the usual: I’d like you come up with a flash fiction story OR poem, max 100 words, (plus a title), that includes all 5 of the words.

The words are:
• panther
• stampede
• wood
• courage
• 500 (or ‘five hundred’ or even £500/$500, if you wish)

The words can be used more than once and can be used in the title. And you can use ‘extensions’ of the words – eg: ‘wooden’ or ‘courageous’.

Check if you’ve used them correctly by doing a ‘search’ on your finished document for the 5 words. As long as they come up, then you’re OK (‘stampeding’ wouldn’t work, for example).


The prizes are significant! I’m giving away a £25 Amazon e-voucher as first prize and a £10 Amazon e-voucher as second prize. Yoo hooo! And then, of course, there’s The Glory of being the winner, which is priceless.


• One entry per person.
• Open to anyone, anywhere and it’s free to enter
• Maximum 100 words (you can submit less), plus title.
• Please don’t copy or plagiarise – you will be found out! (and it will be embarrassing and shameful)
• Your story/poem’s title is in addition to the 100 words
• Any theme or genre is acceptable
• Your entry must not have won or been placed in another competition.
• Judge’s / judges’ decisions are final.
• Email your entry in the body of the email, NOT as an attachment, to baw2014@yahoo.co.uk by midnight on Tuesday 11th November 2014 (3 weeks today), along with your name.
• By entering, you agree that your entry, or an extract, can be posted on this blog when the shortlist of 5 is announced.
• I will shortlist 5 entries and someone else will choose the winner, anonymously. I am being vague about the ‘someone else’ because I don’t know who it will be yet, but someone other than me and someone who will take their task seriously.
If you have any questions, feel free to post them as a comment, so that everyone can see the response! Thanks – and good luck!

PS: My tips are: don’t go for the obvious use of the words. Your first idea will be lots of other people’s. Take your time! It’s tempting to dash something off, before you forget and miss the deadline BUT the last time I ran one of these competitions, entries started zapping in within a day or two and, on the whole, they weren’t great.

The best entries are those that allow time for the ideas and language to develop (if you watched ‘The Great British Bake-Off‘ think of it as putting your entry in the proving drawer for a while). The winning entries, I can promise you, will not have been dashed off.

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10 Responses to ‘500 Followers’ Writing Competition!

  1. philippabowe says:

    Excellent, thanks for another one of your lovely comps Helen, a great way to celebrate your growing following (world dominance by 2017 at this rate for sure). And for the wise words about avoiding the first idea that springs to mind – the seagull poop from last time still makes me laugh (ruefully)! So I probably don’t want to write about a brave panther stampeding through the woods at 500 km/hour… 😉

  2. Hah- no, BUT I bet I get a few of those…!

  3. Leonora Francis says:

    Silly me. Didn’t read the rules. Can you delete for me Helen and I’ll send properly. Ta. Leonora x

  4. Wendy Clarke says:

    A great idea, Helen. Good luck to all who enter.

  5. Linda says:

    Congrats on the big 5-0-0! I’ll get my thinking cap on.

  6. rosgemmell says:

    What a lovely idea – all best to entrants.

  7. Patsy says:

    Thanks. I like these.

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