If You Don’t Ask, You Don’t Get…

If you buy the latest (February 2015) issue of Writers Forum, which looks like this:

Writers Forum Feb 2015

Writers Forum Feb 2015

– all lovey-dovey with a heart on it – you’ll find me in there.

Erm.. twice.

Firstly, I’m the winner of the Newsfront section (which accepts short news items – under 200 words – on topics of interest to writers). The winner each month receives a year’s subscription to the magazine. I submitted my 2 pieces on 23rd December, when everyone else was probably wrapping presents, so I expect there wasn’t much competition this month!

They also award a year’s subscription to the Star Letter of the month and Simon Whaley, (FOTB – friend of this blog), won it this month. He’s talking about his letter here and how letters (as I’ve told you lots of times too!) can be the springboard to other things..

Now, sit down for this bit.. I’m also ‘starring’ in the penultimate page of the magazine.. yes, the ‘Where I Write’ slot! You may remember this post back in September, when I wrote, “I don’t suppose I’ll ever make an appearance on those illustrious pages of Writers’ Forum…” (and so, I created my own little ‘where I write’ piece).

Well, the universe, (in the form of Phil Barrington, who writes that column for Writers Forum), heard my plaintive cry (and blatant hint) and has put me in there! Yippeee. I am chuffed. And it just goes to show, if you don’t ask, you most certainly don’t get..!

PS: And on a very different note, did any of you hear the Graham Norton interview with novelist Marian Keyes on Radio 2 on Saturday? It was great and if you missed it, you can listen to it here. (Marian Keyes has sold 22 million books! Impressive!) Interview starts 29 mins and 25 seconds in.

And now, enough procrastinating.. I have to go and do my tax return. Aaaagh!

Writers Forum 2 001

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18 Responses to If You Don’t Ask, You Don’t Get…

  1. Wendy Clarke says:

    Ooh – the fame! I must get it.

  2. kathmcgurl says:

    Yay, well done! I must go and get this issue too.

  3. simonwhaley says:

    Your writing cave looks fab!

  4. Nicola says:

    I got my copy early and it’s great to see blogging friends’ work in there. Congratulations to you Helen and I also liked Simon’s Scrivener piece – although I still don’t know whether to invest or not because I only have Microsoft Windows and not a iMac. I’ve heard it only works well on the iMac. Have a great day and hope to see your name popping up everywhere! I enjoyed your pieces.

    • Thanks, Nicola. I actually don’t think it’s that hard to win the ‘Newsfront’ slot. I’ve won it before and so have friends of mine. Just a case of sending in some bits and pieces and keeping your fingers crossed…!

  5. Ninette says:

    Well done Helen. I downloaded a copy of magazine so that I could see your ‘bits’…I feel honoured to think that I have actually SEEN your writing room! Nice photo. I subscribe to Writing Magazine and take Writer’s Forum on my iPad occasionally, but I’m considering subscribing. I don’t find reading a magazine in my iPad satisfactory, I can just about manage a newspaper but I think magazines are so much better in the ‘flesh’ so to speak.

  6. Oh, I know, those pesky apostrophes! (I thought Writers’ Forum had done away with theirs completely but I was confusing them with Waterstones!). I agree, it’s hard to read a magazine on a tablet – I like to flick through and turn over pages for things I want to go back to (which is usually half the magazine). Writers’ Forum is a lot ‘thinner’ than Writing magazine but I do enjoy reading it – it’s ‘different’ but it’s very nicely done, I think.

  7. juliathorley says:

    Well done you. I love that your hint was picked up. I shall buy a copy without delay.

  8. Tracy Fells says:

    Congratulations, Helen. Unfortunately, my subscription to WF has now ended so I’m going to have to sneak a peak in WH Smiths!

  9. Well done. I often buy Writer’s Forum so I must get out there and get a copy.

  10. Congratulations on the winning and the years subscription!

  11. philippabowe says:

    How impressive is that Helen – your fame is definitely building from year to year, well done you! I’ll have to download a copy, don’t think I’ll find one in the depths of rural France.

  12. Polly says:

    Congratulations 🙂

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