Writing Competitions, Results & Stuff

We've had sunshine today - you too?

We’ve had sunshine today – you too?

There are lots of writing competitions out there.

You know this.

You don’t really need me to list them (though Gayle Beveridge has a great list on her blog here) BUT sometimes I like to ‘highlight’ a couple that are coming up soon and that you might like to know about – or to be reminded of.

23rd March (Deadline just been extended by a week!): Mslexia Short Story Competition

Sorry guys, but this one’s for the LAY-DEEZ only, so you have to be female to enter but you don’t have to subscribe to the magazine and you can live anywhere in the world – oh, and of course, be prepared to cough up the entry fee which is a little on the hefty side at £10.

BUT the prizes are good so I think it’s worth a shot, if you’ve got a story you’re pleased with (up to 2,200 words and on any theme). More details on the site and there are some interesting short story workshop exercises on the site too if you’re looking for inspiration – and regardless of whether you want to enter the competition.

28th March: AsparaWritingFestival Short Story Competition

The closing date for this one has just been extended to 28th March (sshh, between you and me that probably means they haven’t had enough entries) but at £10 for a £100 first prize, I can sort of understand why.. Anyway, if you fancy a go at this one and you’ve got (wait for it) “an unpublished short story of no more than 6,000 words, written in English, a mystery set in the Heart of England, with a hint of Simon de Montfort” (and let’s face it, we’ve all got one of those tucked away in a drawer somewhere, right?) then it might be worth a punt!

31st March: Prima/Mills & Boon Competition
Great opportunity if you have a story idea that would suit Mills & Boon! See the website for more details.

30 April: Momaya Press Short Story Competition

Stories from anywhere, no more than 3000 words long and the entry fee is £8.

You may submit stories that have been published before, as long as you still hold the copyright. Any subject or style is welcome but the theme for this year’s competition is ‘treasure‘ so make sure that features in your story in some way.

Helen M Walters, who writes the ‘Comp Calendar’ in Writers’ Forum is a big fan of this competition because it ‘was instrumental in giving me a start in my writing career’. The organisers hold an awards ceremony for the winners and produce an anthology. I happen to have a half-written story on the theme of Treasure, so I’m definitely going to have a go at this one!


A while ago I told you about the Ann Summers erotica short story competition. I wimped out and didn’t enter but one of my blog followers took the plunge (!) and was one of the runners-up! Well done to Catelyn Cash! (Hmm, not sure if that’s his/her real name but it’s a good one!)

If you want to read the winner and two runners-up (I suggest you have the cold shower at the ready), then here they are!

Even longer ago, I told you about the RAC’s short story competition, which had to be set on a ‘road trip’ in Europe. They’ve announced their winners and the winning stories are here, if you want to have a look.

Womag News

If you’re interested in writing for the Womag (women’s magazine) market and you follow the ‘womagwriter‘ blog, there’s news: Kath McGurl, founder of the very successful website, has handed over the reins to Patsy Collins, while she concentrates on her novels.

Patsy, who also has her own blog here, has hit the ground running with her first post which points out that Best magazine are now accepting submissions… have a look at the blog for more details and I’m sure you’ll join me in wishing Patsy all the best (excuse the pun) in her new venture!

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14 Responses to Writing Competitions, Results & Stuff

  1. Sandra says:

    Thanks for taking the time to post this, Helen. So many competitions…. so little time… 🙂

  2. KH says:

    Thanks for info, Helen. I’m trying to polish up my Myslexia entry – amazing how many mistakes I keep on finding!

  3. philippabowe says:

    Thanks for the comp news, Helen. I’m still working on my Myslexia story, not sure it will be ready on time. And then I’m going to try and swear off comps to concentrate on my novel – and maybe enter it in the Myslexia novel writing comp in September!
    To answer your sunshine question: so sunny yesterday that I had lunch outside – and started getting a tan!

    • philippabowe says:

      PS. The Mslexia comp deadline has been extended by another week, to 23 March. I might just make it now…

      • I know, don’t you love it when a deadline is extended?! It’s nearly as good as having a meeting cancelled, which has happened to me today. It’s like a gift of time…

    • Now then Philippa, when I said ‘have you got sunshine?’ I didn’t mean ‘have you got envy-inducing, south of France, let’s just go for a swim, sunshine?’ I meant ‘have you got weedy, barely any heat in it but we are grateful for small mercies, British sunshine!’ (and Ninette, don’t you start joining in, with your Italian sunshine…!) No, really, I am happy for you both. I am. Honest.

      • Ninette says:

        Err…I’ve been quiet because the Italian sunshine has been a little shy so far this year but I’m assured it will be parading it’s full glory by the weekend …:) Thanks for the competition information. I’ve not done Mslexia this year, trying to finish my Writers Bureau course at the moment, plus other odds and ends of writing like a novel or two… 🙂

      • philippabowe says:

        Oh no, we can’t swim yet, just sit around in t-shirts getting too hot….okay, sorry, I didn’t mean to crow. And though we’ve got the sunshine, you’ve got the…the…Indian takeaways (sorely missed) and literary festivals!

  4. Linda says:

    Hi Helen, thanks for the info, I think I might have something that will fit the bill for the Mills and Boon comp – with a little work. Wouldn’t have found it without out.


  5. This is why I haven’t finished my novel yet – so many distractions!
    Having a story published in Mslexia is one of my top goals, but I subscribe to the magazine and really don’t want to have to pay out an extra £10 to enter the competition, so I only submit to their free New Writing slots.
    But I do have the first draft of a story that could fit with the treasure theme of the Momaya comp so I’m going to try that. Good luck with your entry.

  6. Patsy says:

    Thanks for the mention, Helen!

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