Results of Writers’ & Artists’ Short Story Competition

sun-with-sunglasses-clipart-ecMdEKnMiDid you have a good Easter?

I’ve decided I much prefer Easter to Christmas! No pressure to buy presents/have a marvellous time and there’s no 2 month ‘build-up’! What’s not to like?

I still felt guilty though.

Not enough of this:


And too many of these:


Anyway, onwards and upwards!

The results of the Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook short story competition are now on line.

There’s a judge’s report, along with the complete stories by the winner and two runners-up, which is very pleasing. (Don’t you hate it when competition organisers don’t publish the results but make you fork out for an ‘anthology’ for the pleasure of reading the winners?).

Interestingly, all 3 stories are called ‘Joy’ and all 3 are by men. Hmm, so that’s where I went wrong. (Also, I didn’t have any swearing in my story. Big Mistake).

Anyway, when I first told you about the competition here I wrote “I’ve read the winning entries for this competition for the past two years and they’ve been.. how can I put it? ‘Different’. Think experimental, outrageous, striking, memorable! (easier said than done, I know but trust me on this one! When the results come out, you will see what I mean…)” and, well, I hate to say I told you so.. but I told you so!

Read them and see what you think. And then come back and tell me. (One of them, by the way, does have some humour in it! Praise be! See previous post, Make ‘Em Laugh).

Win Your Way To Swanwick (8 – 14 August 2015)

If you want to win a writing holiday in Derbyshire, at Swanwick (worth over £500), then you’ve got until the end of this month to get your entry in! They’re looking for poems, short stories and children’s stories on the theme of ‘at the heart of it’. It’s £5 per entry. Details here.

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5 Responses to Results of Writers’ & Artists’ Short Story Competition

  1. Ninette says:

    I had checked out the winning stories already because I’d entered the competition, but realised I’d made a bad mistake so knew I didn’t stand a chance. I thought the stories were ‘interesting’ but in my opinion they didn’t explore the theme of ‘joy’ , which is what I thought the whole point of the story was to be based. May be I just didn’t ‘get’ them…

    Hey ho! It takes all sorts.
    As my story did nothing, at least I can enter it into another competition. It wasn’t humorous though…oh dear. 😦

  2. Ninette, yes I agree with you. I didn’t think they were bad stories but I got the feeling the authors were trying to ‘shoehorn’ the joy theme in! (Although at least one of the runners-up, the slightly surreal and funny one, had clearly been written for the competition. I’m not so sure about the other two!)

  3. Sara Kellow says:

    I wanted to take a red pen to all three of them. Made me wonder if the judges discarded anything too polished. Or with an original title. (I didn’t enter so that’s not sour grapes!)

  4. Hm, I know what you mean, Sara. There were typos, as well as unnecessary repetitions of words/ideas and grammatical errors…Ooh, don’t get me started!

  5. Cat Lumb says:

    I agree. I took the topic to be something they wanted out of the story, not just for the word to appear somewhere (or in the title). I entered because I thought it was a challenge (my writing themes tend to be loss and regret) but can see now my piece would not have fitted in at all if this is what was expected.
    Interesting entries, all of them, but not sure if any of them would be classified under the topic of ‘Joy’ by an outsider searching for themes.

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