My Writing A – Z

ABCSometimes, I admit it, I’m stuck for things to write about on this blog.

I know, it’s unbelievable but after 457 posts and four and a half years, it gets harder….

But today, a lightbulb moment! Lightbulb

I’ve seen other bloggers write ‘The A to Z of me’ so I’ve taken that idea and turned it into:
‘The A – Z of My Writing’, starting, of course, with A, B C….. (and erm, I’ll worry about X, Y and Z when I get to them..):

A is for ADJECTIVES and ADVERBS. I’ve got a thing about them (about not having too many, I mean). Especially in poetry. Edit them out as much as you can! The ones I overuse are ‘suddenly’ and ‘really’.

A good tip is, when you’ve written something in Word, use the ‘search’ button for ‘ly’ and it will highlight most of your adverbs (most of them end in ‘ly’). Then you can ask yourself if you need them. (Usually you don’t!)

A is also for the catchily-named ASPARAWRITINGFESTIVAL which starts next weekend. I’m going to one of the workshops and if you live in or around Evesham, Worcestershire, you might want to check it out too.

B is for BELLA, the first magazine in which I had a short story published (a long time ago!). They ran a competition and my story was one of the runners-up. As well as publication in the magazine (for which I was paid), I won a murder mystery weekend in Wells and an all-expenses-paid winners’ lunch, at Rules restaurant in London (when the cabbie dropped me off he told me it was one of the best restaurants in London. It certainly claims to be the oldest. It dates back to 1798!). Author (and one of the judges), Simon Brett, was guest of honour. Wow! And in case you’re wondering, the winner of the first prize, won a cruise down the Nile!

Of course, Bella is still going but, sadly, they don’t include fiction in the magazine any more. 😦

B is also for BONNIE of course, a major distraction from my writing! She was clipped today and now she looks like a little black lamb, bless.

Bonnie the lamb

Bonnie the lamb

C is for the COTSWOLDS. We moved here 3 years ago and you would think, surrounded by all this lovely countryside – and peace – and with access to my lovely CAVE, I’d be able to write more than ever! Sadly, that hasn’t proved to be the case. There are just as many distractions (tea shops, dog-walking, pubs, visitors…) here as anywhere else.

What are your writing A, B, Cs? (See if you can just come up with one for each letter – I cheated a bit!)

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6 Responses to My Writing A – Z

  1. Wendy Clarke says:

    A is for Amazon KDP – without which I wouldn’t have published my story collections. B is for MY Bonnie ( who is badder than yours) and C is for the conservatory where I am writing this!

  2. Love ’em, Wendy! Yes, your Bonnie, as we have agreed before, is definitely a naughty girl! But still lovely…!

  3. Ninette says:

    Lovely post, It’s great the way Bonnie manages to get her nose on here so often 🙂

    A is for Answers – I wish I had those for the many questions in my head.
    B is for Biscuits – too many of those are eaten with a cuppa whilst thinking about writing…
    C is for Competitions (I keep missing deadlines), Complete (will I ever finish that novel?) and Castles in the air…which is what I think my writing ambitions might be…

    Time for a cuppa I think…

  4. Thanks Ninette, good answers! I keep missing deadlines for competitions too! What’s that quote from Douglas Adams? “I love deadlines. I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by.”

  5. Hayley Jones says:

    Such a cute dog! My A would be Anxiety, which gets in the way of my writing a lot but also pushes me to try harder and do better. B is Books, my love of which inspires my writing — even as they take over my bedroom! C has to be Competitions because the deadlines push me to finish stories which might otherwise be abandoned.

  6. juliathorley says:

    A is for apple tree, under which I sit when I need to ‘take a moment and think’, usually with a cup of tea and something to read.
    B is for birds, that keep me entertained/distracted when I’m gazing out of my window for inspiration.
    C is for crosswords, One of my first creative published jobs was compiling them, and I still do the odd one if someones asks.

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