My Writing A-Z … P is for (not) PULLING PUNCHES

Reading is good for you!

Reading is good for you!

P is for PAPERCHASE & OTHER STORIES (what else?), the e-book of 12 of my short stories that I self-published a few months ago.

Morgen Bailey has just reviewed it over on her website here.

If you haven’t heard of Morgen (where have you been?!), have a look at her blog.

She posts writing prompts and reviews, competition details and loads more and as well as teaching lots of writing courses in Northamptonshire, she offers a critique and editing service. Phew! There must be more than one of her, surely!?

Anyway, I think she knows her stuff, which is why I asked her to review my short stories and I think she’s done a thorough – and fair – job BUT she hasn’t PULLED any PUNCHES (there are two more ‘P’s for you), as she points out a few flaws in her review, such as too many ‘lip bitings’ (!). Now, I didn’t know I did that (write it so much, I mean, not do it. Isn’t that what the heroine does in ’50 Shades’? Eek! I’ll be writing ‘Oh my…’ on every page before you know it).

P is also for PEMBROKESHIRE. I’m off to Writers Holiday in Fishguard later this month and looking forward to it. Last year the weather was fab-u-lous, so I’m hoping for a repeat of that and for some lovely, relaxing ‘Pembrokeshire time’!

P is also for POOR. Why does everything come at once? My car failed its MOT today and cost hundreds to get fixed; my annual car insurance and breakdown cover are also both due this month as is my annual fee for the swimming pool. I need to sell loads of short stories to pay for that lot. Aaagh.

Q is for the BOOK QUIZ that my friend and I will be running at Writers Holiday! The quiz is half written. Despite ‘P is for POOR’ I’m afraid I’m not open to bribes, if you’re planning to be there!

Q is also for QUOTES about writing, which I love and find inspiring. A couple of my favourites are:

Kurt Vonnegut: Every character should want something, even if it is only a glass of water.
Stephen King: If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot.

R is for R&R and READING .

I was delighted to discover that research has shown that reading is ‘the ultimate relaxation’ because sometimes I feel guilty when I read a book (because I should be writing, I should be … doing a million other things..)

It feels like an indulgence when time is short, don’t you think? But Stephen King himself has said I must do it, so read I will. I’ve just finished reading Ruth Downie’s ‘Medicus‘, the first in a series of novels set in Roman Britain, featuring a Roman doctor, which I thoroughly enjoyed and -hurrah – there are another 5 in the series…!

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2 Responses to My Writing A-Z … P is for (not) PULLING PUNCHES

  1. I’ve just discovered Ruth Downie’s books, too, Wendy. I’ve only read a kindle sample so far but I’m hooked. She’s going to be at a local Devon event next Saturday at Walter Henry’s bookshop in Bideford, which I’m also going to ( so hopefully I’ll be able to buy a signed copy. I’m looking forward to meeting her, she sounds as though she has a great sense of humour!

  2. morgenbailey says:

    Thank you for the kind words and I’m pleased you’re still speaking to me. 🙂

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