Christmas Is Cancelled!

Christmas Reward Chart 2I was supposed to be at Center Parcs this weekend, having a family Christmas with 8 other ‘grown-ups’ and 3 little ‘uns.

The food was prepared, the presents packed, we’d booked our bikes, our ‘festive cake making’ classes and our visit to Father Christmas BUT last week, disaster struck: two of the children came down with chicken pox!

Obviously we couldn’t turn up at CP with two infectious children (plus, I’ve never had it and I really didn’t want to get it just in time for the festive season!) so we’ve managed to change the weekend.

Christmas (or at least, that part of it), has therefore been cancelled and moved to the end of January.

It’s not a major disaster, in the grand scheme of things and it meant that – finally – I could make a start this weekend on part 2 of my serial for The People’s Friend.

It’s tricky to carve out the time to write at this time of year, isn’t it? (Or maybe you don’t even try and give yourself December off?!). So, to help me on my merry way, I’ve bought myself a ‘Christmas Reward Chart’ for £1.99 from Morrisons.

Christmas Reward Chart

I know, it’s sad, but if you love stationery like me, then this might appeal to you too!

There are happy Santa stickers:

happy santas

and grumpy Santa stickers:

grumpy santas

For every day that I spend at least an hour in my cave writing, I can add a happy Santa sticker to the chart.

For every day that I don’t manage it – a grumpy red Santa will appear. I’ve put a big cross in Christmas day as I’m giving myself the day off then!

Erm.. please tell me I’m not mad. Has anyone else got any cunning ways to ‘get writing’ over Christmas?!

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16 Responses to Christmas Is Cancelled!

  1. Wendy Clarke says:

    I need those stickers… and I need them now!

  2. Julie Lees says:

    There wouldn’t be enough grumpy stickers in the pack to accommodate my needs, at the moment, and, unfortunately, the happy ones just wouldn’t get a look in. Nice idea, though.

  3. Heather Walker says:

    Love the chart and stickers. Sorry about CP. How disappointing. I have no plans to write over Christmas. I have a big edit to start in the New Year. However, if I get bored, I might try and knock out a short story!

  4. charliebritten says:

    Hard luck, Helen. Without wishing to be a harbinger of gloom, I had chicken pox at the same time as my children. As for ‘getting writing’ over Christmas, you may have to resort to the television-babysitter and sit in a corner and write.

  5. philippabowe says:

    Your stickers are fab Helen, I’d definitely use them! I’m hoping for some proper writing time over xmas – I’m officially taking the 2 weeks of the school holidays off and have told all my clients, and it’s our year to have xmas ‘off’ (the hub is not a fan, so every other year or so we’re allowed to bow out and do our our sweet thing), so without any big family obligations and our teens elsewhere – no excuses not to write and write and write!!

    • Sounds like a good time ahead, Philippa! Hope you get lots of writing done (oops, wrote ‘wiring’ there first! Not planning on doing any household DIY, as well, are you?!)

      • philippabowe says:

        I am as it happens – but not wiring, more like painting and clearing…but I may be a little overoptimistic about how much I’ll get done, and should focus on the writing not the house!

  6. juliathorley says:

    The best laid plans – what a shame. On the other hand, when the rest of us are struggling through January you will have something to look forward to.

  7. Linda says:

    These things do happen … Hope the little ones (and their parents) are fully recovered to enjoy the real Christmas.
    Stickers? I haven’t got time to faff about with stickers! Too busy trying to get through all my to-do lists!

  8. Patsy says:

    I thought it was a bit mad – until I saw the grumpy Santa stickers. Tempted to get some to reward myself for days when I write rubbish.

  9. That’s a brilliant chart, and they should do an in-betweenie when you’ve thought about it and planned it. Mine would be full of those. On the plus side, you can get on with Allen’s Angels, and adults can get shingles from that I think, so I’d make sure they’re better before you go.

  10. Nicola says:

    I love the chart!!! I must have a look on-line see if I can get a New Year’s one. So pleased you are enjoying writing your serial. Really looking forward to reading it. Believe it or not, I caught the chicken pox off my daughter when she was two years old. She was bouncing about like any normal day, except for the spots but I was terribly ill. It took me over two weeks to recover. My daughter is now 24 years old – where has that time gone?

    Wish you a lovely Christmas and continued success in 2016. All the best.

    • Nicola, if you subscribe to Writers Forum (presumably you can do that from Germany?), they have a monthly chart in each issue, for recording your achievements and the one for January is a ‘new, improved’ one which I am going to used from 1st Jan!

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