‘Pining’ For Some New Technology..!

DictaphoneToday, as it was Mothering Sunday, I drove over to see my mum and take her out to M&S (no expense spared).

It’s quite a long drive – an hour and a quarter each way, which is 2.5 hours in the car, obviously, there and back. I always wish that I could do something a bit more useful with the time than listen to the radio.

Then I remembered that I had a dictaphone thing lurking in the bottom of a box, so I dug it out and put new batteries in it. Here it is!

Now, stop laughing, I know it looks like something out of the ark. I bought it a long time ago. But I had a brainwave. Why not put it on my passenger seat, set to record and ‘dictate’ a story to it, as I drove along…?

Needless to say this didn’t work for the following reasons:

1. The ‘dictaphone’ is so hi-tech that it’s only got 15 minutes of recording time on it.
2. I got so confused/flustered, trying to turn it on and off (when stationary at the traffic lights, I hasten to add) that I ended up recording one thing: ‘Remember to get the car booked in for a service!’ followed by 14 minutes and 50 seconds of Radio 2 and me, muttering as I drove.

So, that’s the end of that great idea!

The Night Manager

Are you watching ‘The Night Manager’? (BBC 1, Sunday night, 9pm). Ooh, it’s so good.

Now, it may sound like I’m jumping on the bandwagon, swooning over Mr Jonathan Pine (the main character) BUT I would just like to say that I read The Night Manager by John Le Carre back in 1993, the year it was published (anyone else keep a list of what they read? I’ve done it since 1989!). I gave it an ASTERIX, which means I would read it again (and I just might do that once the series is over) and I clearly remember falling in love with that character, as I never had before, or possibly since (with the exception of Fitzwilliam Darcy, of course).

And I have to leave you now, because it’s just about to start!

Books I read in 1993..

Books I read in 1993..

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20 Responses to ‘Pining’ For Some New Technology..!

  1. Downith says:

    Audio books for car journeys!

  2. I also listen to audio books on long journeys. I joined Audible, download books to the phone and listen via bluetooth in the car. Podcasts are also good to listen to on long journeys, and most are free to download.

    I haven’t kept a list of what I’ve read, but its a good idea.

  3. Alex Gazzola says:

    Don’t let it be the end of that! That out-of-the-ark antique is great for capturing those fleeting ideas that come to you when you’re *not* driving …. when you’re walking, waiting for a bus, lounging, exercising, day-dreaming. Those ideas that only last five seconds – and only take five seconds. Which means you can get …. 180 ideas on your “dictaphone thing”!

    • Ah, bless you Alex, yes you are right! (and that, I seem to remember, is what I bought it for in the first place!). I was feeling a bit Luddite-ish when some of the earlier comments involved words like ‘blue tooth’ (I don’t have that!) and podcasts (?! eek!) but I CAN work the antique (because it’s simple, like me) so the dictaphone thing, complete with new batteries, will NOT be relegated to the box again. Thanks for the kick up the bum!

  4. Wendy Clarke says:

    Ok, by the time you got to the part where you told us to ‘stop laughing’ it was way, way too late.

  5. Linda says:

    You could download an app onto your phone to let you dictate into that.

    • Ah, Linda, if only I had such a sophisticated phone.. and a brain to understand it! My phone does nothing apart from receive and make calls, I’m afraid. I know, I am a Luddite.

  6. christinemhowe says:

    Don’t bin the dictaphone; I hear that cassette tapes are making a comeback and look what’s happened to vinyl. Retro is cool, except that I’m sure no one says cool anymore. We are enjoying ‘The Night Manager’ too. Haven’t read it, but I do keep a list of everything I read and have done for years. All recorded on Goodreads, yet I still maintain the notebook version.

  7. Maggie Storer says:

    I keep a record of what I have read and write a brief review, otherwise I would forget what it was about. However, I still buy or borrow the same book again, forgetting I have already read it. I’m watching The Night Manager – brilliant.

    • Maggie, I’m impressed by your ‘review writing’! I don’t seem to have time to do that these days (I always used to put a review on Amazon when I’d read a book) but I agree it must really help you to remember what you’ve read. (and talking of buying the same book, my friend once found THREE copies of the same paperback on her bookshelves!)

  8. Patsy says:

    Dictating stories does work for some people. They probably have a device with a longer recording time though.

  9. Linda says:

    Personally I can’t bear the sound of my own voice – puts me right off!

  10. I often get writing ideas when I’m out walking so I’ve tried taking a ‘digital voice recorder’ with me (only a slightly more modern version of your dictaphone). So far most of the recordings go something like, ‘Umm, right, er, have I switched it on properly? Now then, where was I? Ah, yes, in the next chapter, um … why’s that little light flashing? Does that mean it’s recording or is the battery running out?’
    No use at all!

    • Linda, that’s probably what will happen to me too but I am going to try taking the ‘dictaphone’ with me when I walk the dog and if I get any brainwaves, I can try using it! Glad it’s not just me though… !

  11. Leya Walker says:

    Brilliant series, let’s hope he gets the next James Bond role.

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