I Finally Go On Another ‘Artist’s Date’ (to Aldi)

Evesham library gets my seal of approval.

Evesham library gets my seal of approval.

One of my writing resolutions for this year was to go on an Artist’s Date every month but until last week I had failed completely.

Then I had cause to go to Evesham (nothing glamorous – car to the garage), so I thought I’d make that outing an Artist’s Date. Did it qualify? Well, I was going on my own, I’d never done it before and actually, yes, the thought of spending a few hours alone, in a new town, trying out the cafes, was quite liberating. I was looking forward to it.

My first port of call was the library! To make sure they had lots of flyers about the forthcoming Evesham Festival of Words (they did) and to tell them all about the QUIZ which my friend and I are running on the evening of Thursday 30th June.

It’s billed as a ‘festival warmer’ but I’m starting to get a little worried that it will be a damp squib, if no-one turns up, so I am in full promotion-and-marketing-mode! If there are only 10 people there on the night, no-one can say I didn’t try. It goes without saying that if any of you are in or around Evesham and fancy a fun bookish/literary quiz (not too hard!), then you would be most welcome to join in.

The library was lovely. I wish it was walking distance from my house, I’m sure I’d be there all the time, especially in the winter because it was warm and upstairs were some lovely quiet tables for writing (I had that whole big one to myself, where I sat for half an hour and did my morning pages).

I also went to Aldi (honestly, when you never get the chance to go to Aldi, it’s exciting!) and guess what I discovered? The People’s Friend (latest edition) was only 60p! A special Aldi price, apparently. I don’t know whether it’s only 60p (instead of £1.10) every week or whether that was just a ‘one off’ but it’s worth knowing about. I bought a copy of course, as I can’t resist a bargain and on the letters page was a letter from a reader in Australia who had read the interview with me (from way back in January) and is looking forward to reading my serial – which is handy because it’s now all finished and approved and will be published in The People’s Friend in June. Watch this space!

My PF bargain!

My PF bargain!

Apart from tea and cake in two cafes (where I nearly fell off my seat trying to eavesdrop on people’s conversations), I also treated myself to a CARTRIDGE PEN!

ink penRemember those, from school days? Just fixing the little blue cartridge of ink into the pen brought back memories. I read somewhere recently that writing with a ballpoint pen isn’t good because it relies on friction and therefore, there’s more strain on your hand. If you write with a proper pen, with a nib and ink, it’s much more ‘free flowing’ and so, in theory, you can write for much longer.

Rather than splash out too much (just in case I didn’t like it!) I just bought a fairly standard one from WH Smiths which cost £4.99 (plus a few pounds for some cartridges) and I must admit, I’m enjoying using it. By sheer coincidence it was also ‘National Stationery Week’ last week so it seemed especially fitting.

PS: I have an article about Artist’s Dates in the latest (June 2016) issue of Writing magazine. Has anyone else been on an Artist’s Date recently and how did you get on?

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10 Responses to I Finally Go On Another ‘Artist’s Date’ (to Aldi)

  1. Wendy Clarke says:

    I used to use one of those cat ridge pens at school and then manage to smudge the ink all across the page! Thank heaven for the biro! Glad you enjoyed your artist day. My library is tiny so wouldn’t do for writing.
    Oh, and 80p for The Friend… wish I’d known as I bought two.

  2. Patsy says:

    Congratulations on the serial!

    I bought a cartridge pen with some of the money from my first ever story sale. Last year it fell apart from overwork. My lovely husband bought me a new one for Christmas so I wasn’t without for long, but it was long enough to miss it.

    • It’s a lovely idea to buy yourself something special with the money you earn from your first story sale, Patsy (and it’s obviously lasted well!). I wish I’d done that.

  3. Sounds like you had a lot of fun! I also have an ink pen. It’s a pretty thing with purple cartridges 🙂 Buying stationary is one of my favourite things to do 🙂

    • My friend admitted to me last week that she has OVER 100 (in fact I think it was something like 170.. I need to get this fact checked out) of unused notebooks, just waiting for her words of wisdom. Now THAT’s a stationery addiction! (hmm, maybe I should interview her for an article..!)

  4. juliathorley says:

    I should have taken myself on a date over the weekend, since t’other half was at the allotment all the time. Instead, I moped on the sofa eating Kitkats.

  5. rosgemmell says:

    I’ve completely fallen behind with my artist dates but now I feel inspired to get started again, so thank you! The library sounds wonderful. I was sent a beautiful little cartridge pen a while ago in ‘payment’ for an interview – must get an actual cartridge for it and I don’t think I ever mentioned it on my blog yet, that’s more inspiration!

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