Winner of The Random Word Writing Competition

winner-clipart-1Right, as promised, here are the final results of my little ‘random word’ competition (I’m going to have to think of a new format for the next one, aren’t I?).

The shortlist of 5 stories was very kindly judged by Fran Tracey, who’s been writing quirky/slice of life fiction for the women’s magazine market internationally for 14 years, has been published in various anthologies and has won a number of national competitions.

And the results are:

Winner: Treasure Hunt – by Alyson Faye
Runner-up: Deal or No Deal – by Linda Mallinson

This is what Fran had to say about her choices:

‘After a lot of deliberation – it was a tough decision, they were all really good stories – I’ve decided on Treasure Hunt as the winner. I thought the author had created so much atmosphere in so few words and it left you with so many questions, not least what happens next? There’s a really great sense of what these kids’ lives are like, and we can foresee that the nominally serendipitous discovery will have such a huge impact on their lives. I loved the last line – a twist to make your stomach lurch. The given words were woven into the story so well, too.

For runner up I liked Deal or No Deal. What a fabulous character study in just 100 words. I could hear Grandma’s voice so clearly. It made me smile at her wiliness, but I got a strong sense of the grandchild’s frustration too in the line ‘A little ray of sunshine, Grandma is not’. A great, deadpan line, including one of the given words.

I thought the manner in which each of the authors used the given words was very inventive, but these two stood out for me.’

Thank you, Fran, for doing such a great job of judging and well done to Alyson and Linda, who will be receiving emails from me very soon about their prizes!

I’m off to Writers Holiday in Fishguard in the morning. Really looking forward to it and, unbelievably, I am packed! (And now I’m worried that I must have forgotten something vital. I am never packed this ‘early’. It’s only 10pm!).

Let’s hope, as Fishguard is on the coast, it will be a bit cooler there! Anyone else finding it hard to sleep at night in this heat? (It doesn’t help that we’ve got a wasps nest in the eaves above the bed! They are sooo noisy at night – scratching, buzzing, crackling. I keep thinking a hole is going to appear and they’re all going to drop down on my face).

And on that lovely note, I shall wish you good night!

Night night. Don’t let the bed bugs bite! (or the wasps take flight).

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8 Responses to Winner of The Random Word Writing Competition

  1. philippabowe says:

    Congratulations to the winners, and to all the shortlistees too – a fine selection of inventive and enticing pieces of flash fiction! I love the way each of the five pieces takes such a different approach to the (tricky) random words. Have an excellent time on your writers’ holiday Helen, productive and fun hopefully!

  2. Thanks Philippa. Last year I ducked out of most of the courses to do my ‘own writing’ but actually felt like I’d missed out a bit, so this year I am planning to go along to some – and get inspired! My second resolution is to try to resist all the cakes, sweets, biscuits and puddings on offer. …! (which will be tricky).

  3. juliathorley says:

    Congratulations to all the runners-up and the winners. i’m glad I didn’t have to choose between them; they were were excellent.

  4. Keith Havers says:

    Good choices. Congratulations, everyone. Good work by the judge. Have a great holiday, Helen.

  5. Wendy Clarke says:

    Well done to the winner, Alyson, and the runner up, Linda. Enjoy your time in Fishguard and don’t forget to write!

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