Hurrah – it’s over!

earringsWe’ve made it to the other side and I for one am very grateful to be hanging up my Christmas pudding earrings for another year. I could quite happily go into a convent (where they don’t speak, or pray too much) for a couple of days.

Stress! (if you don’t get stressed by Christmas then either you’re not doing it right, or someone else is taking all the stress for you).

It’s all down to trying to make the whole thing perfect, don’t you think? Buying the perfect just-what-they-wanted presents, cooking the perfect dinner, choosing the perfect TV (we had Paul O’Grady’s ‘For The Love of Dogs’ – always makes me cry – The Queen’s Speech, of course and the Morecambe & Wise Show) – and, if you’ve got guests – having the house at the perfect temperature (as we had my parents with us, that was Hell-Fire Hot).

I have even woken up this morning with a BLACK EYE! A Christmas-induced-no-idea-how-it-got-there, black eye. And I don’t mean dark circles because they’re a given, I mean a proper bruise, as though someone tried to poke me in the eye and missed. Hmmmm…

The piece de resistance was yesterday, as we were leaving my brother’s, my mum went to give my nephew a hug and managed to topple backwards, pulling him with her and they both ended up flat on their backs on the floor.

I am hoping she is OK (he is 12 so he just bounced). She seemed OK, she said she was OK but it will be in a couple of weeks, when she’ll say, ‘I still can’t sleep for the pain in that shoulder, when I fell over on Boxing Day….’

Anyway, on a cheerier note, you might like to see some of my presents:

From my man, a very practical (because I always moan when I have to scrape the ice of my car and it makes me even later than usual), ‘windscreen frost guard’! Who said romance was dead, eh? But bring on the ice now because I am prepared!


But also a trip on a 1920s style steam train with DINNER! To be taken at some point next year.

And, some lovely books, for me to begin my 2017 ‘I will read more’ challenge, as discussed in the last post.


Hope you’ve had a good Christmas and are now enjoying a lovely, relaxing day. I’m just about to take the dog for a walk and I will try to avoid speaking to a soul….

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10 Responses to Hurrah – it’s over!

  1. Patsy says:

    I must be doing it wrong. I do try to buy people the gifts they’d like and we usually have family visiting over the Christmas period (more on the way now to spend a few days) and I try to provide the food they’d like and keep them comfortable and entertained, but I don’t aim for perfection or get stressed if I can’t achieve that – it’s Christmas for me too and I hope my family will still love me even if the gravy is a bit lumpy.

  2. Helen – a friend got a sudden panda eye last week – the doctor said it was a burst blood vessel. Enjoy your steam train ride – lovely to have a present to look forward to.

  3. pennywrite says:

    Sounds as if you’ve had a whale of a time! Ours (slightly delayed) is about to start with arrival of no 1 son and family…followed by visits around and about…
    Will look forward to reading your blog again in the New Year! Best wishes.

  4. Wendy Clarke says:

    This year I was at my sister’s for Christmas Day and ate out on Boxing Day… no stress! Wishing you a great New Year, Helen x

    • Ah, therefore your sister had the stress… and so did the people running the restaurant! But I’m glad it wasn’t your turn for the stress this time! Sounds perfect. Happy New Year to you too, Wendy! Have a good one!

  5. juliathorley says:

    I’ve managed to keep the stress levels down this year, mostly by ignoring stuff that didn’t suit me. Selfish? Perhaps. Effective? Definitely!

    • No, that doesn’t sound selfish, Julia, it sounds sensible and understandable! Part of my problem this year was that I accepted invitations to do things/go to places that I didn’t really want to go to! ‘I’m just a girl who can’t say no’. That just made me resentful and bad-tempered. I will not do that again next year!

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