‘My Funny Old Week’

funnyoldweekI sometimes buy Woman’s Weekly magazine (because I don’t have enough to read, oh no) and they have a nice little feature in every issue, ‘My Funny Old Week’, in which a celebrity (this week it’s Chris Tarrant) tells the readers, in just a sentence or two, what they’ve been up to.

Of course, the celebs’ answers are all very glamorous (eg, from Mr Tarrant – ‘Where I’ve been’ – The Turks and Caicos Islands.. ‘Who I’ve met’ – Paul McKenna) but I thought it might be fun to do it myself (the unglamorous version, if you like) and I’ve inviting you to join in!

Just put your ‘funny old week’ in the comments below, under the headings, as follows. (I have added the ‘What I’ve read’ and ‘What I’ve written’, by the way).

Where I’ve been – Birmingham, to the Symphony Hall to hear the CBSO play ‘The Magic of Vienna’ – lots of lovely waltzes, including the Blue Danube – for a much-needed injection of culture.

What I’ve seen – The Fall (too much of). We were given series 1 and 2 for Christmas and I’ve ‘watched’ most of it from behind a cushion (and occasionally yelled,“Why are we watching this?!”). We saw the last episode last night and it’s still not over!

Who I’ve met – Out walking the dog, I met a lady in a field with a very bouncy labrador called Hugo who charged at me like a knight in a joust, just swerving to avoid me at the last minute! He did this about four times. It was slightly unnerving but he was friendly enough!

What I’ve bought – a bargain pair of boots in the Tesco sale for £10! OK, so they’re not leather and I have to hold on to bannisters and/or my man when I wear them out, but they look great under jeans!

These boots ain't made for walking!

These boots ain’t made for walking!

What I’ve read – Della Galton’s novella The Reading Group (January), which was a nice fun read and real escapism. Now, in complete contrast, I’m half way through The Girls by Emma Cline, which is a very dark! (and very good – and written by someone born in 1989, which shouldn’t be allowed…!)

What I’ve written – part of a short story about an emu. Still a ‘work in process’!

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11 Responses to ‘My Funny Old Week’

  1. cathum says:

    Where I’ve been – agility class. What I’ve seen – Sherlock & Endeavour: impossible as it seems, they keep improving. Who I’ve met – a old school friend. What I’ve bought – nothing this week: back-slaps, please 🙂 What I’ve read – still working through Dead Air by Iain Banks. Haven’t made my mind up about it yet. What I’ve written – 1 blog post and beginning of a short story: more back-slaps, please 🙂

  2. Sara Kellow says:

    where I’ve been: the A26. driving the kids from our new house to their old school. We used to walk.
    what I’ve seen: seagulls mobbing the cat. Not what you expect 25 miles inland.
    what I’ve bought: some socks for my husband (because he asked me to) What’s so hard about buying socks?
    what I’ve read: dark Tales by Shirley Jackson, a present from my son (because the book has a cat on the cover). Eerily, intimidatingly brilliant short stories. If she’d written about a wife buying socks it would have been gripping and ended very badly for someone.
    what I’ve written; an epic complaint letter to my bank about the many ways they’ve displeased me lately. I’ll start something new tomorrow.

  3. Penny Alexander says:

    Where I’ve been
    The ASDA sales!

    What I’ve seen
    Matthew Bourne’s Sleeping Beauty on TV. Amazing sets, costumes, and wonderful dancing. Not the traditional storyline, however, which meant Himself needed Explanations with capital E throughout.

    Who I’ve met
    Lovely lady behind the counter at our small cafe-in-the-park who, in not much space at all, provides cheerfulness, toys for children and the most delicious tea-cakes.

    What I’ve bought
    Bargain oversized jumper at sales (see ASDA above)
    Now re-purposed (I’m good at this! ) it makes a cuddlesome cardi.

    What I’ve read
    ‘The Christmas Promise’ by Sue Moorcroft. Recommended.

    What I’ve written
    A story featuring bell-casting. Now submitted to PFriend…so can only say, watch this space.

    • Ooh, Penny, I am jealous of the Asda sales, the Matthew Bourne production (missed it and I’ve got so much to catch up on, I’ll never manage it now) and your cafe in the park! Great location for a story… get writing! (and good luck with your PF submission!)

  4. Dorinda Cass says:

    This looks like a great idea for my Writing Group! I hope you don’t mind if I pinch it.
    Where I’ve been
    A mystery tour of the outskirts of York when my aunt (in the car with us) misdirected us to her house!
    What I’ve seen
    Apart from York MInster? ‘Neighbours’ came back on yesterday after its Christmas break. Good to see the Aussie sunshine again.
    Who I’ve met
    Usual dog walking suspects. They know who they are.
    What I’ve bought
    A half price Mary Berry cookbook, an exercise book and 5 folders to try and tidy up my desk.
    What I’ve read
    A History of Ryedale and Historic England site (for research) and Barbara Erskine’s Sleepers’ Castle.
    What I’ve written
    500 words of my time slip novel in progress, and a rough draft for a story about a wedding.

  5. Liz Power says:

    Where I’ve been

    Skiing in Bad Kleinkircheim in the Corinthia region of Southern Austria.

    What I’ve seen
    Giant lamppost type structures all the way up the pistes, ‘raining’ manufacturing snow because there has been no significant snowfall for weeks so it has to be man made when it’s cold enough. It falls with a heaviness like monsoon rain, all night.

    Who I’ve met
    A lady called Slavika, originally from Macedonia, but who now lives in Trieste and has visited the area every year for seven years.

    What I’ve bought
    A fridge magnet and a jar of local honey from a Farmers Market.

    What I’ve read
    Mortal Causes by Ian Rankin and some poetry from a compilation titled ‘Umbrellas of Edinburgh’.

    What I’ve Written
    The commentary for my short story submission for my Open University Creative Writing module. I had to ask the tutor for an extension because Christmas and the skiing holiday got in the way of the deadline. Luckily she said yes!

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