And breathe….

I’ve been absent from the blogosphere for 16 days!

Where have I been?

Well, in a nutshell, I have been helping my parents downsize and move house (quite possibly the most stressful thing I’ve ever done, partly because, even up to the moment when we were sitting in the solicitor’s office to sign on the dotted line, my dad was still in two minds about the whole thing…) AND (because I like to pile it on), I’ve been frantically tieing up loose ends and doing a handover for my job, which I finally left today.

Oh and yesterday (because a bit of variety is good), I spent 6 hours at Burton hospital while my dad had various tests. The good part of that, though, was that I managed to read a whole book while I sat there, waiting, namely, Anne Tyler’s Vinegar Girl, based on The Taming of the Shrew and which I loved.

On Sunday, my friend Chris and I are heading West to Writers’ Holiday in Fishguard for our annual feast of: food (honestly, you eat so much that someone I know actually DIETS before she goes), writing workshops, lectures and the male voice choir on the last night.

Lots of laughter and fun guaranteed. We are running the quiz on the first night and I’m doing 4 workshops (ahem, still to be prepared…), so it will be busy but I’m REALLY looking forward to it and feel in need of a holiday. I don’t even care if it rains every day.

If anyone’s reading this who’s also going, don’t panic, yes, it actually starts on Monday but, for once, we are being organised, and going a day early…!

When I come back, it will be (almost) August and my new life as a full-time-no-excuses writer begins – at least for the rest of the summer and until I find something else to possibly pay the bills. I will keep you posted (because I might actually be able to blog a bit more regularly!)

One thing I’ve learned over the past couple of weeks, when, at times, I felt like I couldn’t cope, is that we are stronger than we think. And by coincidence, I’ve just read a piece by the fabulous writer Joanna Cannon on the same theme, here. It’s one of the things she learned from being published.

I enjoyed this article. Maybe you will too.

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14 Responses to And breathe….

  1. Helen Lowry says:

    Helen – that is so true what you say. I spent 5 hours in A & E the other night with Dad after he had a fall. Nightmare at the time, but we got through it. To look at him now you would never know! Enjoy Fishguard!

    • I keep telling myself ‘This, too, will pass.’ I like that phrase, I find it comforting. Glad your dad is OK. They are a worry, parents, aren’t they? Thank you, I am looking forward to Fishguard!

  2. I read Joanna’s blog post a few days ago and found her words inspiring. Strength (or an impersonation of it) can be faked until over time it does become real.
    Looking forward to meeting you at Fishguard!

  3. Wendy Clarke says:

    Glad you managed to sort out your parents’ move ok, Helen. I’m sure that once they settle in, your dad will realise how much more manageable a smaller house is. Have a great time in Fishguard and don’t eat too much!

    • Thanks Wendy. Yes, although very stressful (getting rid of 40 years of ‘rubbish’ wasn’t an easy task..!) I think they will realise it was the right thing to do in the end (it was my dad’s idea in the first place, by the way! No-one had a gun to his head!). Can’t guarantee I won’t eat too much at Fishguard but it’s only 6 days, so I’m not going to worry about it!!

  4. Thanks for the Joanna Cannon link – have now ‘followed’ her blog.

  5. Fran Hill says:

    She has quite a story – I didn’t realise! I’ve just finished reading Goats and Sheep and loved it. Enjoy Fishguard, Helen. I’ve only been once but remember it fondly.

    • Yes, Joanna Cannon’s story is amazing (left school with one O level and ended up as a psychiatrist, for a start…!). I am intending to enjoy myself at Fishguard, thanks. Not sure how much writing will get done, though!

  6. pennywrite says:

    Sending you good luck! And a good Summer of writing…

  7. An apt title for this post! I hope your Dad is OK; parents, eh?

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