End of an Era

Greetings from Wales!

There are some years – perhaps you’ve noticed this too – when lots of things in your life change.

This summer my parents moved house, after over 40 years in the same place, I’ve left my day-job and this week, while I’ve been at Writers Holiday in beautiful Pembrokeshire, they’ve announced that it’s going to be The Last One.

Although Anne and Gerry will still be running their winter weekends, there won’t be any more of the summer conferences which have been taking place (first in Caerleon and then, in recent years, at Fishguard), for over 30 years.

It’s quite a shock. Chris and I have been to 9 summer conferences in total and loved every one. What are we going to do now?! (All suggestions – polite ones, please – welcome!).

The Cwmbach male voice choir are coming to perform tonight, as they always do and they don’t yet know the bad news (unless any of them read this blog… which, to be honest, I think is unlikely). There are going to be tears…

Too late now as well, to learn the Welsh national anthem, so we could sing along properly tonight instead of standing there like berks (or like former Welsh secretary John Redwood – remember that?)

Write Space

On a more cheery note, enterprising writers Vanda Inman and Linda Lewis (who was a guest on this blog last year), are working together on Vanda’s relaunched website for writers ‘Write Space’ so why not pop over and have a look at what’s on offer? There’s lots of advice and tips on writing, as well as details of the critique service they offer and there’s going to be a free competition soon.

7th Birthday

Talking of which, my blog will be 7 years old in October and I’m rapidly heading for a total of 700 followers so to celebrate I will also be running a free writing competition. Watch this space and if you want the competition to come even sooner, help me get up to 700 by subscribing to the blog. You won’t get any spam, I promise, it just means you’ll be emailed every time I post something new.

Right, and now I have to go and eat MORE food! Lunch is being served…!

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7 Responses to End of an Era

  1. Keith Havers says:

    I love your writing comps, Helen. Looking forward to it.

  2. Jackie says:

    I went to WH for many, many years, both at Caerleon and then Harlech. I’m sad to hear the July week is now a thing of the past; it was such fun. I think my first WH was the 3rd they’d held. Anne & Gerry have done a fantastic job over the years. Looking forward to seeing what your next competition is. x

  3. As one door closes… Just going to pop over the WriteSpace.

  4. Wendy Clarke says:

    Going over to look at WriteSpace now. It’s sad when something you enjoy stops – the dance weekend we’ve been going to for years has just closed too. Of course, not having Fishguard will mean you can go to the RNA conference in Leeds next year and we can meet!

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