Psychologies Magazine: Novel-Writing Competition

The latest issue of Psychologies magazine has a novel writing competition for UK residents, aged over 18, with a £5000 e-book publishing deal – and possibly representation too, by literary agents David Higham Associates– up for grabs, IF (and it’s a big IF) you have a previously-unpublished psychological thriller or crime novel* finished by the closing date of 6th October 2017.

You ‘only’ have to submit the first 5000 words of the novel, plus a 1000-word synopsis by that date but it’s a condition of entry that the novel (75,000 – 130,000 words) is complete when you enter. The longlisted and shortlisted entrants will be required to send in their complete novels.

Have a look at the full details and rules here, if you think you might like to enter.

NB: you need an entry form from the magazine, so you’ll either need to hot-foot it out to the shops and splash out £4.20 on issue 144 (which has Ewan McGregor on the front), OR, if you’re the first person to ask, very nicely (in the comments below), I’ll send you the entry form from the magazine that I bought, in a mad moment and before I realised that the novel had to be a thriller or crime (which is not my thing, sadly. I am trying to write a ‘longer work’ – I refuse to use that scary N word – but it’s not in either of those genres).

For those of you thinking ‘pah, that’s not my thing, either’, do not despair. You might still be interested in the series of 12 articles by novelist Lucy Atkins that Psychologies are publishing this year – the first 6 are on their website (number 7,on ‘keeping up the tension’ is in the latest issue) – about writing a novel (any kind of novel!).

#1 – starting that novel and telling no-one!
#2 – Let your imagination run wild
#3 – Make time to write
#4 – Probe your characters (ooh err)
#5 – How to cut your work
#6 – Some style basics

• from the rules, “This can include police procedural, psychological thriller, historical crime, domestic suspense and supernatural suspense.”

Good luck in the competition if you decide to have a go!

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16 Responses to Psychologies Magazine: Novel-Writing Competition

  1. I love this magazine but can only get it when I am flush lol.

  2. The N thing isn’t for me either, but the articles look interesting. Pleased to see I can read it on my Readly app.

  3. Wendy Clarke says:

    This is really useful, Helen – thank you!

  4. Not my kind of genre either but great competition. Thanks for bringing this to our attention- had never heard of mag before! Have reblogged this on

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  6. I shan’t be entering the competition, but fingers crossed for those of my blog-friends who do. I have a subscription to this magazine (got it on special offer and I’m loving the Weleda body lotion that was my free gift) and I find it enjoyable and annoying in equal measure. There are some interesting bits and the full-page pictures are often lovely, but some of the content is a bit up itself for my taste. I often find myself thinking ‘Oh for goodness sake!’

  7. Agree completely, Julia. Some of it is really interesting but some of it is all a bit navel-gazing-ish! (and, to be frank, weird!).

  8. Bookish Gail says:

    Thank you for this, Helen. Has anyone taken you up on your kind offer of the entry form? If not, I’d love to enter my crime N into the competition.

  9. gumersindo says:

    The N thing isn’t for me either, but the articles tone interesting. If not, I’d love to accede my crime N into the competition.

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