A Slight Touch of Book Bereavement

Is it just me, or does anyone else get ‘book bereavement’ when they’ve finished a good book?

I’ve just read ‘100 Days of Solitude’ by Daphne Kapsali, recommended to me by a friend.

It’s a (self-published!) memoir and meditation on what it means to be a writer, to follow your dreams, to be true to yourself and live the life you really want (and if that all sounds a bit ‘navel-gazing-y’ then this book may not be for you).

It was written in 2014 when the author gave up her job (teaching yoga) in London and stayed on in the family’s Greek holiday home over winter, to write for, you’ve guessed it, 100 days.

The book started as a blog; each day’s blog post became a chapter in the book (and she confesses towards the end of the book that she started to write a novel while she was there too). Actually, although Daphne lived alone, there’s not much ‘solitude’ in the book. She skypes, she phones friends and at one point she even hops on the ferry and goes to Athens for the weekend to see her mum (!) so if you’re expecting real Robinson Crusoe type ‘solitude’ you might be disappointed but I really enjoyed it and I feel a bit ‘lost’ now that I’ve finished it.

50 Word Story Challenge

Think you can write a story in just 50 words? You’ve got until 29th August to submit your story here to the Scottish Book Trust. This month’s theme: write a story about a horseshoe.

You might win a mug! And have your story published on their website. From the rules, “Entry to the competition is open to all. However, residents outside the UK (including Channel Islands and the Isle of Man), must be willing to cover postage costs should they win the prize.”

My Funny Old Week (this is a feature they have in Woman’s Weekly and I just fancied doing it. Feel free to tell me about your ‘funny old weeks’ too in the comments, if you so wish!)

Where I’ve been … stuck for two hours in a jam on the M42.
What I’ve seen.. a woman three cars along (see above), answering the call of nature
Who I’ve met.… members of my tennis team. We had dinner at the local pub – and a fair amount of award-winning Cotswold Gin – to celebrate winning our division (still not quite sure how we managed that. The winning, not the gin).
What I’ve bought… a shopping trolley for my mum (not an old lady one but rather a stylish one. Hopefully she’ll like it!)

Tennis ladies, celebrating success!

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6 Responses to A Slight Touch of Book Bereavement

  1. pennywrite says:

    My worst case of ‘book bereavement’ came when finishing the Aubrey/Maturin series of novels. Twenty, if not more, of them! And the last one not completed! Oh my. Still, can always re-read…
    (Hooray for shopping trolleys, btw.)

    • Penny
      I’ve never read any Aubrey-Maturin novels! I see there are 20 ..and one ‘unfinished’ (ever fancied writing the ending yourself?!)

      • pennywrite says:

        As if. I don’t think I would dare contemplate… and another thought occurs here that the series being incomplete simply provides for a lovely, ongoing voyage ahead for the characters, for ever! I promise you will love something about them if you want to give them a try.

      • Penny
        They do sound very tempting…just have to add them to my (huge!) TR pile!

  2. juliathorley says:

    I sometimes put off reading the last chapter of a book because I don’t want it to end. I do the same with TV box sets, too. I waited far too long to watch the last episode of ‘House’. What a saddo!

    • Gosh Julia, I don’t think you are a saddo but I do think you have amazing self-restraint! I can’t help but race to the end if I’m enjoying a book or a TV series! But it’s horrible when they’re over, isn’t it?!

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