Little Things…

Guess what exciting thing has happened out here in the sticks since I last wrote? No, it’s not fireworks (although I can hear them outside as I write).

Give up?

Right. Well, one of those German supermarkets (Aldi, to be precise), has opened in the nearest town to me: Moreton-in-Marsh! Whee! I know it’s a bit pathetic to be so happy (little things please little minds and all that) but shops are in short supply around here and a supermarket with new and different things is a delight.

We were there on the first day, queuing to get into the car park with all the other saddos keen shoppers. And yesterday, on my second foray, I bought (serious bakers look away now) a Betty Crocker cake mix and I’ve just made this cake! Amazing, even if I do say so myself.

It’s actually inspired me to write a short story aimed at Woman’s Weekly (the supermarket opening, I mean, not the cake!), which is an added bonus.

And on the subject of writing, just in case you were wondering if I ever do any, I currently have 25 submissions ‘out there’ (how many do you have?), including 14 short stories and 6 competition entries. I know this isn’t many, compared to some people – and it’s a long way from my never-yet-achieved goal of 50 things ‘out there’ at any one time (!) – but filling in my multi-coloured spreadsheet is a source of much pleasure. I wrote about it here – and there’s even a photo, if you want to see it in all its technicoloured glory. Little things, again..

Words & Women Competition (closing 15th November 2017)

I’m really sorry that I’m so late with this competition. There are only 10 days left to get your entry in and I did mean to blog about it sooner than this but, if you’re a female writer over 40 years old (living in the UK or Ireland) and/or a female writer over 16 living in the East of England and you’re prepared to spend £10 on your entry, it may be of interest.

It’s run by Words and Women, is for prose writing (of any kind – so fiction, memoir, life-writing, creative non-fiction and essays all count) and the national prize (for us ‘oldies’!) is £1,000 & up to a month’s writing residency, provided by Hosking Houses Trust, a charity which offers free use of a cottage, as a retreat, to ‘women over the age of 40 who need time in which to start, continue or complete interesting or innovative work in English dealing with any subject whatsoever’.

Free Short Story Competition
And, don’t say I neglect you chaps and you lucky people who live outside the UK: here’s a FREE short story competition (for stories between 3,000 – 10,000 words), with cash prizes, open to all and run by Ouen Press. The closing date is 31st December and the theme is TASTE. Have a go! What have you got to lose?

Hmm, and on the subject of taste, where’s that cake slice….?

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7 Responses to Little Things…

  1. banksywrites says:

    Hi Helen. It’s not pathetic at all. It’s good to have a choice. (I remember popping into Budgens for groceries after each of your workshops). I’ve become quite a fan of Lidl in Cheltenham these days, but I’m hugely excited about the new John Lewis which is due to open here next year – oddly enough, only a stone’s throw from Lidl itself. Congratulations on having 25 pieces ‘out there’. I have one! And it’s the first in many years. Isn’t that frightful? I just don’t know what happened to me. It’s not going to get better any time soon, I’ve unofficially started Nanowrimo. Again 🙂

  2. Sherri Turner says:

    I do have over 50 pieces out but only because I haven’t bothered going through and crossing off the ones who don’t send rejects and will have ‘expired’. That would probably halve it!
    Good looking cake!

    • Thanks, Sherri (most of it’s gone now. My OH keeps saying, ‘If we don’t eat it, it’ll go off!’). Perhaps I shouldn’t have gone through and crossed off those of my submissions that have expired and then I’d have over 50 too! Good thinking!

  3. Patsy says:

    I’ve already entered that competition, so it’s straight to the cake for me!

  4. Wendy Clarke says:

    Your Aldi experience amused me no end! As for submissions ‘out there’, short stories have had to take a backseat while I’ve been working on my novels – so only I’ve only around ten with magazines at the moment.

  5. It’s hard to fit both in, isn’t it, Wendy? That’s the dilemma I’m in at the moment. I like the buzz of submitting (and possibly getting a sale!) but I’m also trying to write something ‘longer’ and it keeps stagnating because I keep going back to the short stories! Aaagh. Anyway, 10 is still pretty good going!

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