On the Hunt for Inspiration

Bah, I am poorly bad*.

It’s only a cold (which, strangely, when my OH had it last week, was man flu) but still – yuck.

I can’t be under the weather because this week my Christmas ‘outings’ start with a vengeance! Including, on Wednesday, a gathering of the poetry group that I belong to, which meets once a month. We are ‘supposed’ to bring 2 new poems to be read and critiqued and, as usual, I haven’t even started to write them (my friend – who is also a pantser like me, has just texted to say perhaps we could do a ‘joint’ poem? ‘Haiku are short!’ Yes, that would only be 7.5 syllables each!).

I must admit, that as much as I enjoy it as a ‘social’ event – everyone’s very nice and it’s great to get together with other writers (and we have nice biscuits) – sometimes I think ‘why am I writing poetry?’ when really, I should be spending the time on my fiction, either the short stories that (sometimes) pay the bills or the novel that I’m trying to finish. And then, the brilliant Emma Darwin, whom I’ve mentioned before, pops up with a relevant post, such as this, just last week, which reminds me that writing poetry is good for me and – heck, it’s fun (or should be!): 10 Reasons For A Prose Writer To Do A Poetry Course

On a different note, this morning, we took the dog for a walk to Broadway Tower, one of our favourite haunts and it was full of horses and hounds – the North Cotswold Hunt was there. Oooh! (I love horses).

Now, whatever your feelings about ‘hunting’ (remember, they’re not allowed to hunt foxes any more), dozens of horses and riders and big hounds (they are big!) is still an impressive sight.

Due to my poorliness, I sat in the café with my tissues, reading my book (If You Knew Her by Emily Elgar – very good!) next to a roaring log fire, while Bonnie went out for her walk with my chap and quite a few of the hunt followers were in there too, with their dogs and their loud jolly laughter.

I was waggling my ears of course because it was all good research (perhaps I will write a poem about the hunt?) and there were some very interesting characters. The hunt website is fascinating too. Did you know, for example, that if your horse is prone to kicking others, it should wear a red ribbon in its tail? And a note on ‘general etiquette’ made me smile: “It is surprising how many people leave their manners on the ground when they get on a horse… A smile and “good morning” to people on foot will help to dispel the myth that everyone on horseback is a snob and too good to talk to people on foot.”

I am normally a ‘person on foot’ and thought that was rather nice, although today of course, I was a ‘person in cafe’ and therefore wasn’t near enough to anyone to get a smile or a good morning.

I only need another 28 followers to get to 800 and then I’ll be running another random word competition. It would be nice to do that over Christmas, when, after the madness of Christmas Day itself, there might be time for a bit of writing? Anyway, it’s out of my hands but if you want to help things along, just put your email in the subscribe box. Thank you!

*do not feel that you have to commiserate. It’s only a cold, after all and half of you reading this have probably got one too!

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4 Responses to On the Hunt for Inspiration

  1. edinburghs says:

    Hope you’re feeling better, Helen. I will share Emma Darwin’s post – great advice. Kate Blackadder

  2. I’m not tempted to take a poetry course, but I do agree that writing poetry can be a good thing for prose writers for many of the reasons on that list.

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