Could You Do Without Social Media?

Bonnie’s first time in the snow!

This time last week there was snow everywhere! And now it’s all gone. But I was rather pleased with some of the snowy photos that I took, so please bear with me, as I display them…

That little black blob is the dog!

Right, I’ve got that out of my system.

Now, social media. Do you indulge and could you live without it?

Author Joanna Cannon (whose second novel Three Things About Elsie is due to be published next month – can’t wait)
has blogged here today about how she gave up social media for 21 days. That’s three weeks.

I’m not sure if I could avoid Facebook or Twitter even for 3 days. But maybe I should try. For all the reasons that she writes about but specifically because a) it’s such a distraction and b) it can make you feel dissatisfied with your life.

When I am adhering to my ‘no internet until 4pm’ rule, then I don’t go on any social media until late afternoon and it’s amazing how my productivity goes up. But, just lately, that’s all gone by the by. (Like the snow, I’ve drifted).

One of the things Joanna Cannon says is that by indulging in too much social media you start to ‘think in Twitter’: “It’s snowing. I must take a pretty photograph. I must tell everyone.”

Tshuh! As if…

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10 Responses to Could You Do Without Social Media?

  1. worldsrooom says:

    I certainly enjoy using the social media, especially for the chance to learn new things or see places I probably will not be able to go to or do things there because I can’t afford it. I would be disappointed to be without it but don’t really feel the need to compete there. I often wish it had been available years before it was. It wold have been very useful to me as a student for work and for social use and I like seeing other folk’s photographs. It’s also useful for keeping in touch with friends who live far away but I don’t feel the need to compete about how many folk I’m in contact with. If you try to connect with too many it’s hard to think of anything worthwhile to say to them and there may not be much common ground anyway.

  2. Kate Hogan says:

    Lovely, photograph, Helen. I must be a very odd person, as I don’t do social media at all. I like to chat with people in real life, I also like looking at their pics, but I just can’t seem to be bothered with Facebook or anything else. If I have time on my own, I like to be on my own and that’s it, I suppose.

    • Good for you, Kate – don’t get sucked into it! To be honest, I only really use Facebook for the writers’ group that I belong to on there and that I find very supportive. Twitter, though, is a different matter. That is a bit addictive. I need to wean myself off it a bit…!

  3. Kate Hogan says:

    Yes, but I guess I’m missing loads of writerly stuff, I should be knowing about!!!! Never mind. Hope you and yours have a super christmas and a wonderful New Year, Helen. All good wishes. Kate

  4. Teresa says:

    The pictures are gorgeous, as is Bonnie!
    I try to keep away from Facebook as much as I can, but I’ve recently been hanging round on Twitter rather too much!
    Happy Christmas!

  5. Patsy says:

    I can cope perfectly well without social media when we’re travelling and I can’t get online, but I do waste too much on Facebook and twitter when I’m at home. It’s rather too easy to get distracted.

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