800 followers: Random Word Flash Fiction Competition (free to enter)

A few days ago I reached over 800 followers on the blog, so I was all set to run another of my random word flash fiction competitions but I checked the figures tonight and obviously, some people are ‘spring cleaning’ the blogs that they follow and the number has dropped from about 804 to 796!

Never mind. I am going to run it anyway, assuming that the number will bob back up again in the next few days. But just thought I’d better explain, in case you think I am ‘jumping the gun’. (I have actually ‘missed the gun’!)

So, it’s the usual formula:

The trusty random word generator (I used a different one this time, just to ring the changes) came up with EXUBERANT, KETTLE, ORDER and NAUGHTY (I’m saying nothing about that one. No, no, I’m not worried at all) and I’m adding EIGHT for good measure and for obvious reasons, so those are your 5 words.

I’d like you come up with a flash fiction story OR poem, max 100 words, (plus a title), that includes all 5 of the words and my biggest TIP for you is to try to be original and use the words in as clever a way as you can (yes, that’s actually 2 tips).
Just to be clear, the words are:

* eight
* exuberant
* kettle
* order
* naughty

The words can be used more than once and can be used in the title as well as, (or instead of), in the body of the story. And you can add letters to the end of the words – eg: ‘orderly’ or ‘eighth’

Check if you’ve used them correctly by doing a search on your finished document for the 5 words. As long as they come up (ie: they’re in the document in their entirety), then you’re OK.

The prizes are significant! I’m giving away a £25 Amazon e-voucher as first prize and a £10 Amazon e-voucher as second prize. Yoo hooo! And then, of course, there’s THE GLORY of being the winner, which is priceless.


1. One entry per person & no alterations can be made once it’s submitted.
2. Open to anyone, anywhere and it’s free to enter.
3. Maximum 100 words (you can submit less), plus title.
4. Please don’t copy or plagiarise. You will be found out! (and it will be embarrassing and shameful)
5. Your story/poem’s title is in addition to the 100 words
6. Any theme or genre is acceptable (but anything too graphic or ‘sweary’ is unlikely to be shortlisted, as I won’t want to publish it here – this is a ‘family blog’!).
7. Your entry must not have won or been placed in another competition.
8. Judge’s/judges’ decisions are final (and details of the judge are below!).
9. Email your entry in the body of the email, NOT as an attachment, to: helenyendall@yahoo.co.uk by midnight on Monday 12th Feb 2018 (3 weeks today), along with your name. You will get an emailed response, confirming receipt of your entry, within a day or so.
10. By entering, you agree that your entry, or an extract, can be posted on this blog if it’s one of the shortlisted stories. Copyright remains with the author and any entries that are not shortlisted will be deleted/destroyed once judging is complete.
11. I will shortlist 10 entries and another judge (a published writer) will choose the winner, anonymously, and runner-up, from those 10 entries.

The Judge:

The lovely Sally Zigmond will be judging the shorlist of 10 – anonymously – and choosing her winner and runner-up.

Here’s some more info about her:

Sally has been writing for publication for over 20 years. Her stories have been published widely including Women’s Weekly, The People’s Friend, My Weekly and The Lady. They have also won prizes in short story competitions. In years past, she has been the UK reviews editor of The Historical Novel Association and still review for them. For a while, she assisted Jo Derrick, the wonderful editor of QWF magazine. Her novel Hope Against Hope was long-listed in for the Romantic Novel of the Year 2011. She lives in the North York Moors National Park with her triathlon-mad husband. They have two sons and two grandchildren.

Good luck!

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10 Responses to 800 followers: Random Word Flash Fiction Competition (free to enter)

  1. Patsy says:

    Oooh, I love these.

  2. Alyson Faye says:

    Reblogged this on alysonfayewordpress and commented:
    This one of Helen’s fun regular 100 word story comps- I won one year and got to final 5 last year I think- definitely worth a go

  3. Alyson Faye says:

    great! I have reblogged this Helen and will tell folk to enter- I won one year!!! and was so chuffed- plus I love the puzzle of fitting the words in

  4. Wendy Clarke says:

    Good luck to everyone who enters 😀

  5. philippabowe says:

    Big congrats on reaching 800 Helen!! (I see you’re now at 802). And you know I can rarely resist your random word comp… 🙂

  6. philippabowe says:

    Sure – I’m betting your in box will be besieged with entries at five to midnight next Monday!

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