All Roads Lead to Leeds

All writing ground to a halt recently, as I went to Leeds from last Friday to Sunday with my friend.

Many, many years ago we were students at the Uni (that’s it there, on the left – the Parkinson Building, to be precise) and this was only the second time I’ve ever been back for a trip down memory lane! It was fun and amazingly, I didn’t feel too old.

It probably helped that we treated ourselves to lovely food (lunch at Whitelocks, the oldest pub in Leeds and a Thai dinner on Saturday night), Negroni cocktails, G&Ts and prosecco, a play at the West Yorkshire Playhouse (Still Alice, starring Sharon Small. Well worth seeing but do take your tissues..) and a swanky hotel (the Malmaison).

All those years ago, as skint students, we were lucky if we could manage a couple of halves of cider or, as a special treat, a bottle of Blue Nun between three of us. So, getting older does have its advantages!

As chance would have it, the RNA (Romantic Novelists’ Association) are holding their annual conference from 13 – 15th July in.. you’ve guessed it… Leeds this year.

It’s open to non-members, for a small additional fee although as I’m a member of the New Writers’ Scheme this year, I’m assuming that means I get members’ rates. If anyone else has been – and I know some of you reading this have – please let me know what it’s like! The programme hasn’t been published yet, so it’s difficult to know what happens over the weekend.

And finally, just a quick reminder that my Random Word Flash Fiction competition (42 entries so far), closes tonight, Monday 12th Feb at midnight (GMT). As I write, there are just 15 minutes left and I bet I still get one or two entries popping through the email…

The Malmaison, Leeds (formerly the City Tramways Office)

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12 Responses to All Roads Lead to Leeds

  1. Hi,

    I was a member of the RNA New Writer’s Scheme from 2012-2016 when I got my publishing deal! Great scheme. This year will be my eighth conference – they are friendly and fun. You will get a choice of workshops and lectures throughout the weekend, as well as opportunities to meet publishers and agents. Main advice is to wear comfortable shoes!


  2. Wendy Clarke says:

    Sounds like you had a lovely time in Leeds. Sadly, I’ll be missing the RNA conference there this year as it’s just too far and I hate travelling. Great that there’s a play if Still Alice. It’s one of my favourite books and I loved the film.

    • Aw, that’s a shame, Wendy. I was looking forward to meeting you at last! But agree, it is a long way for you (it’s quite a long way for me and you’re further South). I’ve never read the book or seen the film of Still Alice – although I’d quite like to now. A real tear-jerker though. My friend cried through most of the performance (I’m obviously made of sterner stuff!) and lots of members of the audience were wiping their eyes by the end.

  3. Derek says:

    Wow. Blue Nunn! That was so popular 60 years ago! Well done for going down memory lane. It can be challenging at times. Seems like you had a great time. Love reading your blogs.

    • Well it wasn’t quite 60 years ago that I was drinking it, Derek!!! 🙂 But thanks for your comment. Agree what you say about going down memory lane. ‘Never go back’, isn’t what they say?! Can be painful but this time it was just great fun. I’m glad you enjoy the blog!

  4. Helen Lowry says:

    Not a bad place, Leeds! I live in Leeds, so maybe next time you’re in town we could meet up for a coffee or something a little stronger…

    • Helen, fancy that, I didn’t know you lived in Leeds! Lucky you, I think it’s a fabulous city! Yes, if/when I’m back we must meet up for a drink! (how did you know I might like something a little stronger than coffee?!)

  5. juliathorley says:

    I’ve only been to Leeds once, in the days when I was thinking about working in children’s fitness and I went to a dance workshop there. All I can remember is that it took me ages to find the place and I arrived in a terrible fluster.

  6. I remember being very disappointed the first time I tried Blue Nun. I’d like to say that was due to my sophisticated taste, but actually it was just because it wasn’t really blue.

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