This, too, will pass….

It’s all a bit ‘hectic-ly-hectic’ here, as a former colleague of mine used to say. If you follow me on Twitter you’ll see my recent tweets are along the lines of, ‘If I had a swear box, it would be full’ but anyway, let’s try to be cheery because you don’t come on here to listen to moans, do you?

Page 100 Competition
Just as a bit of an aside, Louise Walters (reader, writer, editor and publisher), is running her first ever novel/novella competition and it’s quite a quirky one. She only requires that you send 1 page of your book in order to enter and it has to be page 100.

Hmm, I’ve just had a look at my page 100 and it is, quite frankly, a pile of poo. It wouldn’t win any prizes, I’m sure (it’s part of a saggy middle that I need to tighten up!) But if you have a sparkling, stunning page 100 and you don’t mind parting with the entry fee of £6, then take a look here – and good luck!

Kate Atkinson
I love her writing, so I’m really pleased that Kate Atkinson has a new novel out (‘Big Sky’). Jackson Brodie is back! Actually, it’s so long since I read the last 4 Jackson Brodie books that I can’t really remember the character but I know I liked him and I’m sure it’s going to be another good read. It’s going on my ‘TBR’ list.

And here’s an interview with Kate Atkinson and Jason Isaacs, who’s the voice of the audiobooks and also plays Jackson Brodie in the TV series. It’s interesting how he talks about the difference between ‘acting’ and ‘reading books aloud’ for the audio versions.

Joanna Cannon
On Sunday 30th June, lucky old me will be chatting to novelist Joanna Cannon for an Evesham Festival of Words event (tickets still available if you want to come along!). It’s making me nervous just typing those words down BUT, once I’d been offered the chance (because it was my idea to invite her to the Festival) I couldn’t say no.

If you can think of any stunning questions that you’d like me to ask her, put them in the comments and I’ll see what I can do! I have been sent a list of possible questions by her publicist but she’s probably been asked them a million times. It would be fun to think of something a bit different. I know, for a start, that she’s got a new, non-fiction book coming out later this year, about her time as a doctor in the NHS, so I’ll definitely be asking her more about that. And I think she’s also working on a new novel. (She works hard. Unlike me).

In preparation (because I’m revising her, a bit like an A level in Joanna Cannon), I am re-reading her two novels, which is of course, more of a pleasure than a chore.

I’ve just finished ‘The Trouble with Goats and Sheep’ (which I think, in the interview, I will shorten – if I’m allowed – to ‘Goats and Sheep’) and I’m moving onto ‘Three Things about Elsie’ now.

It’s been scientifically proven, you know, that if you re-read books and re-watch films that you enjoyed the first time, you actually enjoy them more the second time. (Not quite sure how they measure that but I’m prepared to believe it).

Today was ‘Bring Your Dog To Work’ day and I didn’t have my dog! (not that I was working anyway, I hasten to add). She’s been with our dog sitter since Wednesday morning, because we’re all over the place and she’d be left for too long on her own, which isn’t fair. Anyway, she’ll be back in the morning and I’m looking forward to a cuddle.

Right, I will get back to my stressey life, trying to bear in mind those wise words (from someone Roman, I think): “This, too, will pass.”

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5 Responses to This, too, will pass….

  1. lindalindatyler says:

    Your dog is gorgeous!

  2. Ninette90 says:

    Lot’s of interesting stuff here as always. I’ve entered the 100 page competition. Just went for it. My page is the end of a chapter — still a full (ish) page but it begins in the middle of a sentence. Also, it’s double spaced from my manuscript. Anyway, I did NO tinkering! Lovely sunny day today. Didn’t know about take your dog to work day…I suppose I don’t strictly go to work, just upstairs to the landing and she’s not allowed up there — don’t want to get her in to bad habits!

  3. Kate Hogan says:

    Thanks for info, Helen and good luck with the Joanna Cannon interview … and, it seems to me that you do work hard with all your writerly activities, so don’t be too hard on yourself. Good wishes Kate Hogan.

  4. My page 100 still has too many square brackets of the [action goes here] and [finish this bit!] sort. If only I could write things in order…!

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