Spotted on Twitter in the Last Couple of Days

It may have passed you by but yesterday was National Writing Day (today is, apparently #National Sunglasses Day. Who knew?).

I only found out about that – and, in fact, everything in this post, because I’ve been on Twitter for hours this week, frantically tweeting for Evesham Festival, as it’s the main weekend this weekend.

These ‘official days’ are sometimes a bit silly but National Writing Day is a good one, I reckon.

There are some writing resources and ideas on the website and there were lots of giveaways on-line. Authors were asked for ‘writing advice’ on social media. I particularly liked Milly Johnson’s wise tips, which included, ‘You don’t find time to write a book, you make time’, and (I’m paraphrasing), ‘Don’t wait to write until you’re retired because you’ll be gardening and playing bridge instead’. And – the best one – that you don’t have to plot and plan a novel (hurrah! Because I can’t do that). ‘Dive in and swim in the words’ she says.

THIS, exactly this, is why authors tweet. I have never looked at Milly Johnson’s website before and there are some good writing tips on there, for starters. But I like her wise words on the Twitters – I’m getting a warm feeling about her. And … here we go.. I’m starting to think I might like to read one of her books. That’s how Twitter works. NOT by tweeting ‘buy my book, buy my book, buy my book’! (Which always results in me ‘unfollowing’ people).

Gransnet Writing Competition

I also spotted this on Twitter: Those nice people on the Gransnet website have decided to launch a writing competition. This is GOOD NEWS. Because you have to be a woman over 40 in order to enter (phew, just scraped in!) and they would like it very much if your main character was also a woman over 40 and my WIP (will it ever actually be finished?!) has an MC of 39 who could, with the tiniest of tweaks, become 40. So, I will be having a go and if you’d like to do the same, here are the details but in short: “Applicants are invited to submit 20,000 words to HQ by 30 September 2019. Five shortlisted writers will receive editorial feedback, with the overall winner being offered a publishing contract with HQ.”

Make sure you read all the terms and conditions before you enter!

Good Luck!

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4 Responses to Spotted on Twitter in the Last Couple of Days

  1. Bookread2day says:

    Love all your blog posts as they hold so much information for readers/blogger’s who don’t know what’s happening until you tell us.xx.

  2. juliathorley says:

    I was away last week and not allowing myself to tweet etc, hence I watched National Writing Day slip by. I know I could have scheduled some posts, but that would have taken planning and would also have been cheating on the techno-ban.

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