Morning Pages v. 750 words … and lots of other stuff!

Do you remember, back in March, I told you about ‘750 words’?

The plan was, I was going to try it for a month (because it’s free for a month!) and I think I promised to report back.

Well, the truth is, I gave up after a couple of weeks. It’s just not the same as doing Morning Pages by hand, in my humble opinion. It was too fast and too ‘computer-ish’ and it felt like cheating.

Morning Pages takes me between 25 and 30 minutes (depending on whether the dog’s jumping on me) and it’s much more ‘mentally soothing’ and methodical – it’s much more of a process. I have at least 6 (probably more like 10) A4-sized notepads filled with Morning Pages which I’m going to read through this week.

When I do my MPS, if I come up with a story or article idea, I mark the spot in the margin with a big asterix, so when I go back to my jottings, months, or even years later, they’re easy to pick out. It’s going to be interesting to see what (if any!) ‘treasure’ is in those books!

Wedding Pics
We’ve had our wedding pictures back from the photographer. Over 400 of them! Don’t panic, I won’t bore you with any more! (It’s tempting though. The one of my new brother-in-law, strolling across the lawn in his dressing gown, coming from the spa, is a bit of a classic but I don’t suppose he’d thank me for sharing it).

BUT, I’m sure you’ll approve when I tell you that the guests had to WRITE when they sat down for the wedding breakfast! Before they got any food, in fact (Just little cards, in which they gave us their ‘advice’!). And I do feel at liberty to post a couple of those pics.

Cathy’s Comps & Calls
If you’re interested in submitting your work and entering competitions, have a look at Cathy’s Comps and Calls.

Everything that Cathy Bryant posts is free to enter and can be entered on-line, so it’s a great resource. She’s also written a book about entering writing competitions and making money.

You can subscribe to Comps and Calls to get a notification email whenever a new monthly listing appears.

NAWGFest 2019
And on a completely different note, is anyone going to NAWGFest at Warwick University, at the end of August? (NAWG stands for the ‘National Association of Writers’ Groups’ if you wondered).

Many moons ago, I was signed up as one of the tutors and I can’t believe the time has almost come! I’ll be teaching 4 workshops on short stories and serials, so if you’re going to be there, do come and say hello (even if you choose other courses instead of mine. I won’t take offence!).

Members of NAWG get a discounted rate at the conference but it’s open to anyone and you can attend for the whole weekend or just a day, if that suits.

It’s the first time I’ve been to this event and I’m really looking forward to it!

And if you’re looking for a writing group to join, there’s a very handy directory on the NAWG website here.

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11 Responses to Morning Pages v. 750 words … and lots of other stuff!

  1. lindalindatyler says:

    I think you should post the pic of your new brother-in-law strolling across the lawn etc. I won’t show it to anyone else.

  2. There is something to be said for handwriting. I’m okay with writing letters or essays and sometimes even my shorter blogs on my Ipad, but stories and my novel are all a write by hand activity to me. It helps me be more creative, I think, or more in-touch with what I’m writing.

    Also, I’ve never heard of Morning Pages before, but it sounds like a good follow up to my morning meditation. Thanks for sharing!

    • Helen Yendall says:

      Krista, Morning Pages is like a ‘writerly meditation’ – listen to Julia Cameron’s vlog (I’ve linked to it in the post) and she explains all. You may well like it! Give it a try.

  3. pennywrite says:

    Morning Pages: recommended, although difficult to sustain over a long time, they are a wonderful help at other times. Even although (as I understand it) the idea is to be less rather than more specific!

    Have a wonderful time at NAWGfest…very friendly folk… wish I could be there, but unlikely at the mo’.

    • Thanks, Penny (are you a ‘Penelope’ by the way? See my latest post if that’s puzzling!!). I think the thing with MPs, a bit like most things, is that you have to make it a habit, something you do just as automatically as cleaning your teeth. I definitely feel the difference in my mood if I miss them for a few days.

      • Penelope Alexander says:

        Yes, I am! A name for all the best people, naturally 🙂 especially your new niece.
        Usually ‘Penny’ (or ‘You, there!), but also Penelope for Posh… depending how much room PF has for the longer version!

  4. Morning pages don’t work for me, alas – I can’t make them fit in with my particular work pattern/body clock combination! I love reading about other writers’ rituals, though – Joanne Harris’ ‘Shed’ tweets spring to mind…

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