How to Mute Words on Twitter! (and other stuff)

Right. I am not going to mention the ‘B’ word (UK readers will understand) or the ‘C’ word (clue: 25th Dec) at all. This is going to be a happy post!

I have actually muted those words* on my Twitter feed and it makes for a much more enjoyable read.

You’re going to ask me how to do that now, aren’t you? (Because every time I say I’ve muted words, someone asks me how to do it). If you are a fan-of-Twitter and want to know how to mute words, scroll to the end of this post and I’ll put it on there.

‘Blockley Rocks’

When I was out and about with the Bonnie-dog this week, I found that lovely painted stone sitting on a wall! And on the back, was a polite instruction: I could either keep the stone, or re-hide it but if I could please post about my ‘find’ on the Facebook page (‘Blockley Rocks’), they would be delighted. So, I did.

And the next day, after I’d posted on Facebook and re-hidden the stone, I found another one. Also very sweet (they are painted by children in the village).

So now, it’s a thing! If I don’t find a stone every time I take the dog out, I’m going to be very disappointed! It’s amazing how little things can cheer you up!

Writing Weekend

Last weekend I was away, on a novel writing retreat/course, led by Alison May and Janet Gover.

I’ve been on a few of their courses now and they are always fun and inspiring.

Over the past few months, what with one thing and another, I’ve hardly made any progress on ‘The Novel’ (don’t mention the RNA NWS fiasco…) and Alison suggested tasking myself to write 100 words a day on it.

I know, it’s a pathetic little amount, isn’t it? No more than about 3 or 4 sentences. But the thing is, it’s achievable. Even if I’ve done no writing for the whole day, I can manage that before I go to bed. And of course, I usually write more than 100 words. It’s much better than the alternative, which is probably to write nothing. So, I’m giving it a go. And I’ve got a lovely spreadsheet to fill in because that gives me a satisfying buzz.

But I’ve also decided, that I’m not allowed to go on any more courses until I’ve actually WRITTEN more. A lot more.

On that note, I found this post by novelist Anna Ellory very interesting, on finding time to write every day. I particularly like the ‘short-chapters-which-you-can-fill-out-later’ idea.

Hands Up!

My OH was supposed to be on a golf trip this week but two days before the proposed outing, he was due to have a fairly routine operation on his finger. Local anaesthetic and all that.

“It’ll be fine,” he assured me.

It was his right index finger and (if you know anything about golf, apparently this will make sense), that finger doesn’t really do anything. Just sort of rests on the golf club, you know.

So, then he had the operation and I went to pick him up (he needed a ‘responsible adult’ to collect him but I was the only person available) and he came out of the hospital looking like this:

And yes, dear Reader, the golf trip was cancelled.

How To Mute Words On Twitter

Click the button with 3 dots on the left hand side of the screen (see pic)

Click ‘Settings and Privacy’

Click ‘Privacy and Safety’.

Scroll down and under ‘Safety’ (on the right hand side), there’s a button for ‘Muted’.

Press that and a little message pops up telling you what that means, then there’s a + sign to add words, phrases and names (or anything) that you want to mute, so they don’t come up on your feed at all. Simples! Let me know if it works for you or if I need to tweak my instruction manual!

*‘C’ is muted on my Twitter feed until 1st December, when I will reinstate it (if I remember).

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