NaNo on my mind.. (and anti-stress reading!)

Beautiful tree (beech??) from a Worcestershire walk this week.

Just a quick one from me today because I am ‘NaNoWriMo’-ing and it is taking up all my writing headspace and time.

So far (I know, it’s only been 6 days!) I am on target but anything could happen over the next three weeks.

I think it has helped that I’ve a) done it twice before (when I wrote a load of twaddle, to be honest) and b) I had a rough plot/idea and some characters already in mind, so I wasn’t starting completely from scratch. In other words, I’ve learned from my mistakes of the last two NaNo occasions, which is something to celebrate!

Novels That ‘Shaped Our World’

As you may have seen, BBC Arts have come up with a list of 100 ‘novels that shaped our world’ (chosen by a panel of ‘leading writers, curators and critics’) and of course, I had to look at it and see how many I’ve read.

Actually, I think they’ve cheated a bit, because quite a few of the ‘novels’ are actually whole series (eg: the Narnia Chronicles, the Twilight Series, the Harry Potter books and The Lord of The Rings Trilogy) but, totting them up, I’ve read a rather shameful 33. Exactly a third. How about you? Here’s the list and be honest, now!

Oh, and a note to a friend of mine who occasionally reads this blog and who has been reading ‘A Suitable Boy’ for about a hundred years (since it was published, in fact).. yes, ‘A Suitable Boy’ is on the list! Hurrah!

Today is ‘National Stress Awareness Day’ and it’s a well-known fact that reading reduces stress, so I will definitely be trying to get through a few more books on that list. Ahem, once November is over…

Best pub fire I’ve sat beside in a long time! (The Star Inn, Ashton Under Hill)

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9 Responses to NaNo on my mind.. (and anti-stress reading!)

  1. banksywrites says:

    Hi Helen. This is my second go at Nanowrimo. The first, I started three years ago and ran out of steam on Day 14. I’ve struggled to finish that work ever since. So now I’ve finally ditched it and started again with something else. I hope I can get past the halfway mark this time. Good luck with yours. (PS: I’m too embarrassed to admit how few from that list I was able to tick off. I’d better get reading)

  2. juliathorley says:

    I’m not sure about that list. They might have ‘shaped our world’, but many of them have had no effect on me whatsoever.

  3. pennywrite says:

    Cheering you on, Nano-wise, Helen.
    Off to look at that novel list now… reckon I may be old enough now to’ve read a few…

  4. Kate Hogan says:

    Good luck with Nano, Helen. I was panicking when I started reading the book list, no wonder my life is so…but then I spotted at least five I’ve read and didn’t feel so bad. Got some reading to do though! Good wishes Kate Hogan

    • Kate, as someone said on Twitter the other day, it’s only ‘a’ list, it’s not ‘the’ list, so don’t worry too much! I think it’s made us all feel slightly ‘lacking’! I’m sure none of us needs something else to stress about! And thank you for your good wishes re. NaNo!

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