Water, Water, Everywhere…

Ludlow Castle and the teeming River Teme

A couple of weeks ago I went to an event run by the ‘Society of Authors’.

It was a talk by author and Ayurvedic lifestyle consultant Ignaty Dyakov, entitled ‘Health for Authors: A Holistic Approach’ and it looked at strategies to help manage health issues and improve energy levels (and most of us could do with a bit of that, right?!)

I’m not a member of the Society of Authors, by the way, but a friend asked if I wanted to go along, as she’d been emailed the details and, if you paid a little more, non-members were allowed.

There were a couple of authors I knew, sitting around the table at the event (‘knew’ as in, I’ve read their books and followed them on Twitter). I shan’t tell you their names because I’ll feel like a stalker and they may not want their editor to know that, when they were supposed to be at home beavering away on ‘edits’ (or whatever proper writers do), they were actually drinking coffee and lunching in Leamington.

A lot of what was discussed was common sense but it did make me think about what I eat and drink and as a direct result, I now buy organic milk, don’t stress if I sleep more than 8 hours (apparently, if you need that much sleep, you just do and you shouldn’t fight it!) and I’ve got my Nutribullet out of the box where it had lain dormant for the past 2 years and yes, I’ve been using it.

If you’re interested, take a look at Ignaty’s blog post here, which covers a lot of what was discussed at the event.

Mind you, much of this ‘wellness’ went out the window last weekend, when we had a few days away with friends, that involved much eating and drinking.


We were in lovely Ludlow in Shropshire. Hmm, I say lovely (and I’m sure it is most of the time) but of course, Storm Dennis struck and we had non-stop rain for most of our stay. The River Teme burst its banks and many of the roads were flooded and closed.

We were OK though. Wherever you were, I hope you managed to stay safe and dry!

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4 Responses to Water, Water, Everywhere…

  1. Penelope Alexander says:

    Loved visiting Ludlow – a long while ago! Did you visit the Merchant’s House? Amazing.

    • Penny, sadly not. We were catching up with friends (and trying to avoid the rain!) so we didn’t do much (OK, anything) ‘cultural’. We did a few very soggy walks and did a fair bit of eating and drinking but otherwise, we didn’t see much of the town. Need to go back again, definitely as there was so much we could have done!

  2. juliathorley says:

    I’ve done a couple of ayurveda courses alongside my yoga and it’s a fascinating subject. I’m not sure I completely agree with everything – or maybe I just don’t understand it thoroughly yet – but I can tell if I’ve eaten something that affects my energy levels. Some foods just seem to land in my boots, while others make me fly. There’s room for both of these in my diet, of course, but too much of either is clearly a bad thing. Perhaps it comes down to the twin adages of ‘moderation in most things’ and ‘a little of what you fancy does you good’.

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