The Pomodoro Technique & Other Good Things

Have you heard of the ‘Pomodoro Technique’?

I’m sure many of you have. It’s a very simple time management technique, to help reduce procrastination, which basically involves working in bursts of 25 minutes and then having a short break (and once you’ve done 4 pomodoroes… pomodori? … you earn a longer break).

It’s called the ‘pomodoro’ because that’s Italian for tomato and the original idea was based on a timer shaped like… yep, you’ve guessed it. Given my predilection for timers and things-to-make-me-more-productive, I’m amazed that I haven’t talked about the pomodoro technique before.

Anyway, I’ve set the virtual pomodoro timer for 25 minutes to write this post, so let’s see how I get on.

If you want to know more about it, all the details are here.

A Good Thing happened today (and in these ‘unprecedented times’, it’s important to stay positive, right?). So, the Good Thing (and if I had a Gratitude Journal I would definitely write it in) was that, after 8 weeks our Green Bin was finally emptied!

Hurrah! It’s produced a burst of gardening from me. I had no incentive before today because the bin was full and there was nowhere to put the weeds. It does make you grateful for all the things you previously took for granted when, suddenly, they don’t happen.

One positive development to come out of the current situation, is that there are lots of freebies on-line. Both Stratford and Hay Literary Festivals, for example, have gone virtual and you can register for the events free of charge and/or watch them after the event.

I’ve taken part in two Zoom author events recently: an interview with two debut novelists and a ‘Writing Masterclass’ run by Adele Parks (which had 162 participants, all on Zoom at the same time!), both of which were FREE and were really interesting (when I say ‘taken part’ I mean, I watched them – live – and sent in questions. I didn’t actually interact with anyone, heaven forbid!).

One of the challenges Adele set us (and she’s just published her 20th novel, so I reckon she knows what she’s talking about), was to try to distil the concept of our novel down to a 10 word pitch. (And she said we could send them to her if we liked. I bet she made that offer because hardly anyone ever does…! It’s not easy).

She did this for her first novel, ‘Playing Away’, which is a light-hearted romp about infidelity and she described it as “Anna Karenina Meets Bridget Jones but the heroine gets to live.” (She also added that you don’t have to compare your novel to other, published novels but it does act as a useful bit of shorthand.. provided, I supposed, that people ‘get’ the reference).

Right, my pomodoro has beeped, so I have to go or I will turn into a pumpkin! (mixing my fruit and veg nicely there).

Come back on Thursday when I will have a GUEST POST by the fabulous Wendy Clarke, who’s made the move very successfully from short story writer to novelist and has just published her third psychological thriller. See you then!

Not a pomodoro but a poppy from today’s walk

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