Happy to be Home Alone

My story i strålkastarljuset which means ‘In the Spotlight’ in Swedish. (but you knew that, right?)

Ah… peace! But it nearly didn’t happen…

My OH was due to play golf today at a faraway club (he’s allowed now!) which would mean he’d be out from midday until about 8pm tonight. And it would be ‘safe’ because it wouldn’t involve stopping anywhere on the way or the way back (you know how men can manage without loo breaks!) or having anyone else in his car and he’d be ‘social distancing’ on the course.

But last night, disaster struck: he read on-line that the place he was due to visit was a ‘virus hotspot’ and so it looked as though the intended trip was off. Noooo. I must admit, I was a bit disappointed. (I’ve written about the joys of being a golf widow before, you may remember).

But, it’s turned out this place isn’t a hotspot at all – and actually has fewer cases than we have here – but it’s gone from ‘none’ to ‘some’ in the past few days, so that’s skewed the figures.

So, in short – he’s gone! And I have the whole day to myself*. 🙂

Zoom Book Launch

Yesterday I attended the digital book launch of Jane Corry’s new thriller ‘I Made a Mistake’. (If you’re wondering, I just spotted it advertised on Twitter, asked if I could join in and was sent the Zoom link). The e-book, by the way, is currently (3rd June) on special offer for 99p on Amazon).

Jane has written in various genres and under quite a few different names (I don’t think that’s a secret or that she’ll mind me saying) and I remember her teaching a course at the Writers’ Holiday in Caerleon, which I attended, several years ago, when she was writing as Sophie King and it was excellent.

And now, she seems to have my perfect life! She’s a successful novelist, she plays tennis, lives on the coast with her dog and family and SWIMS in the sea most days. Ah, that’s one thing I really do miss at the moment – swimming (in the local public pool, I hasten to add, sadly I don’t live anywhere near the sea). The closest I am getting to a ‘watery space’ is my daily exposure to the bright blue rectangle of the table tennis table…

Anyway, an exciting thing happened in the digital book launch because we could ask questions (by typing them into the ‘comments’ bar. There were over 70 attendees so it would have been chaos if we’d all tried to speak!) and it was announced at the start, that Jane Corry would choose her favourite question and the person who’d asked it would win a copy of the brand new book….

And she picked mine! (I asked how she researched the court room scenes in the novel and she liked that because it gave her the chance to tell us how she went to the Old Bailey – which anyone can do, apparently – and sat in the public gallery. It was fascinating).

Scandinavian Scandal..?

This morning the postman brought a copy of a Swedish magazine that contains one of my stories. And look how it ends! Bit harsh!

So, those are the highlights of my week. How about you?

PS: The latest Spectator competitions, if you want to have a go, are as follows (it’s not entirely clear but I take the second one to mean they want you to write a piece in the style of a well-known children’s author and it’s probably worth saying which one):

No. 3152: domestic bliss?
You are invited to submit a poem about the pleasure — or pain — of a staycation. Please email up to 16 lines to lucy@spectator.co.uk by midday on 3 June.

No 3153: sneezles and wheezles
It can be tricky explaining Covid-19 to little ones, so you are invited to enlist the help of a well-known children’s author. Please email up to 16 lines/150 words to lucy@spectator.co.uk
by midday on 10 June.

*I will of course be delighted to see him when he returns but it’s just nice to have some solitude, after 8, 9, 10 (how long has it been?) weeks of ‘enforced togetherness’!

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10 Responses to Happy to be Home Alone

  1. lindalindatyler says:

    I’m so impressed with your Swedish! Congrats on the book win.

    • Helen Yendall says:

      Thanks, Linda! Obviously I didn’t write the story in Swedish… I’m good but I’m not that good!

  2. juliathorley says:

    As I fellow golf widow I understand. Mr T went off for his first game this week and came back very happy. I suspect that he and his playing partner spent most of the time in the rough on opposite sides of the fairway, so social distancing won’t have been an issue. Thanks for the comp link. I’m grateful for anything that gives me a kick up the wotsit at the moment. Am I the only person not buoyant with creativity?

    • Helen Yendall says:

      No, Julia, you are not the only one. I’m finding it like wading through treacle and if I try to write in the afternoon (like now), I struggle to stay awake! Perhaps we shouldn’t be too hard on ourselves, eh?

  3. mapike2013 says:

    Great to have a story published in Swedish! Well done. I had to look ‘slut’ up! It reminded me that we don’t see ‘The end’ Much any more, do we?
    Also-as a former golf widow- I completely sympathise! I blame the lack of solitude on my utter failure to be a productive writer over the last couple of months…

    • Helen Yendall says:

      Thank you for your kind words. Yes, I had to look it up too (and to save anyone else, ‘Slut’ in Swedish basically means ‘The End’).

  4. interesting about the book by aka Sophie King I met her at Winchester Writers (when it was Conference) some years ago. I was similarly impressed

    • Helen Yendall says:

      I forgot to say, Di, that Jane Corry admitted she’d written 12 novels before she got her first one accepted. It’s so refreshing – and encouraging (in a strange way) – to hear a successful novelist say that, as often they make it all seem very easy (and then you wonder, why is it not that easy for me?)

  5. pennywrite says:

    H’m yes, think we all need time to ourselves. Himself does round-and-round-the-garden, just like dear Sir (Captain) Tom. Gives us both Time Out! Not sure what’ll happen when it rains…

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