In Which I Wish I’d Done Joe Wicks’ Workouts

Bonnie and her bestie, Rosie, socially-distancing.

Things are gradually opening up a bit, don’t you think? The hairdresser has finally been to this house! BUT, for Bonnie the dog, not me. I’ve got an appointment but it’s not until 11th August. Aagh!

We have had friends round (confined to the garden and our annexe!) and we tried to keep 2m apart (but it’s quite hard to remember to do that when you’ve had a drink or two!)

We still haven’t ventured out to a restaurant or a pub but we did have a take away Sunday lunch last weekend, with a cocktail to start and that was a very nice treat.

But as things ease off a bit, I’m also starting to berate myself for: a) not writing more and b) not exercising more, during lockdown. Anyone else?

My Pilates classes are being held outside now, at the local cricket club and I have booked to go on Monday evening (weather permitting) but I’m still waiting to hear about when the swimming pool is going to open. Ooh, I miss my dose of chlorine. I have visions of sinking to the bottom, when I do finally make it to a pool, due to Lockdown Lumpiness.

I am now wishing that I’d done the Joe Wicks workouts since the start of it all… (don’t look at this link if you are feeling at all lumpy too. These people are seriously smug about their Joe Wicks-ified bodies and how he’s changed their lives).


If you’re feeling a bit ‘volunteer-ish’ – as I think a lot of people are, in the current climate. ie: that you want to do some good to counterbalance all the cr*pness that’s around, you might find this article on the Penguin website of interest: How to volunteer with a reading charity in Britain.

Another charity which isn’t mentioned in this article but which I think is fabulous, is Story Book Dads, which helps prisoners (male and female) stay in touch with their children by recording them reading bedtime stories which are then sent to the child. They need volunteers too. Details are here.

Retreat West Competition

Here’s a nice ‘first page of a novel, memoir or short story’ (400 words) competition, to win a writing retreat in Spain in November (or you can take it at another time if you can’t make November). It closes on 23rd August.

I rather fancy this myself but, a note of warning: it costs £15 to enter, which isn’t cheap, so read the rules very carefully if you’re going to submit and make sure you don’t eliminate yourself (say, by putting your name on the entry).

A clean (ish) plate. Take-away Sunday dinner gets the thumbs up!

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6 Responses to In Which I Wish I’d Done Joe Wicks’ Workouts

  1. Wendy Clarke says:

    Am I allowed to be a little bit smug? Since the beginning of lockdown, my (adult) daughter and I have been doing either Jo Wicks or another hiit class in our living room three times a week and I also do my Pilates class by Zoom. Interestingly, I’m exactly the same weight as before but I feel so much fitter. I’m just wondering if I’ll keep it up once she moves back to London!

    • Helen Yendall says:

      You are allowed to be a little bit smug Wendy but only because you added that you are exactly the same weight. If you’d lost a stone AS WELL as getting so fit, it might all have been too much! Actually, although I say I wish I’d ‘done Joe Wicks’, I’m sure I wouldn’t have lasted past the first five minutes. I’d like to have done it.. but not to actually do it, if that makes sense! Too tough!

  2. juliathorley says:

    I’ve kept going with Yoga With Adriene, but gave up on young Mr Wicks. He was just too shouty! I, too, wish I’d written more, but the more time I have the slower I go.

    • Helen Yendall says:

      I am exactly the same, Julia. That’s why I try to fill my days with other stuff because if I limit the amount of time I have to write, it seems to spur me on. Are we strange or is this normal, I wonder?!

  3. I’ve got 95,000 words on my novel at the moment – but I had 93,000 of them in March, and I was trying to cut it down! Actually, I think this one just wants to run a bit longer.

    I never did get round to sorting out Pilates – the tutor who comes to our office moved her classes to Zoom, but I still haven’t managed to sort out a suitable space to do it in.

    • Helen Yendall says:

      Well done Kathleen on achieving 95k – even if you were trying to cut it down! I tried doing Pilates at home a couple of times but I agree with you, it’s not easy. I don’t have long legs but it’s amazing how much room you need to stretch out and move in!

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