Time for a Sit Down

I have a new armchair! This is to be my ‘reading and relaxing’ (and, very occasionally, drinking wine) chair and I think I deserve it, having finally sent off the first draft of my novel to my agent, all 86,700 words of it.

It could have been longer but there were scenes that I just didn’t have time to squeeze in! My ‘new’ deadline was last Friday and I could not ask for another extension (the shame would have been too much).

So, for example, one of my characters invites another to a recital in the village hall, like this: “Get all your gang to come, won’t you? It’ll be fun. Sixpence a ticket and all in a good cause. We’re raising money for the ‘Land Army Benevolent Fund’.” (Did I mention, it’s set in WW2?)

This is an important scene! It’s going to bring a lot of my characters together, to interact and get ‘friendly’. Hurrah!

But I didn’t actually think about putting the recital scene in until just before the deadline. So although I have one character inviting another, the recital never happens! (Let’s see if anyone notices, eh?).

So, it’s fair to say that the draft’s a bit ‘holey’ and there might be parts that don’t make complete sense but hopefully, my agent will be able to see ‘the shape’ of the novel and advise what I need to do to make that shape better. (Preferably not, ‘chuck it in the bin and start again’).

I have a little free time until Judgement Day, in which to catch up on things like housework and cooking (got the soup-maker out today and made mushroom soup) and to start thinking about Christmas. (Aagh!).

What have you been up to? I know lots of you are doing NaNoWriMo. Good luck, if you are!

This is only a short post because my brain is running on empty! But I’ll be back soon with more (hopefully, interesting) stuff!

Short Story Competition: Louise Beech

Here’s a free-to-enter short story competition with a £50 prize, which author Louise Beech is running to celebrate turning 50. It closes on 1st December, so don’t delay!

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18 Responses to Time for a Sit Down

  1. Jane Bettany says:

    That chair looks divine, Helen, and very stylish. Well done on completing your first draft and good luck with the novel. I’m sure your agent will love it.

  2. Linda Lewis says:

    Good luck with the book. Great you’ve got it (almost) done.

  3. Excellent furniture – looks comfy. Congratulations and good luck with the novel!
    Have not done NaNo for a while, although tempted this year thinking that if not while in Lockdown, then when? Ha. Still grappling with serial instead (but enjoyably, so far)

  4. KarelAnn says:

    Well done on submitting your words!
    Inspiring news x

  5. Linda says:

    Congrats on hitting your deadline. More work ahead, but how wonderful to be working with an agent. Love that chair. I inherited one recently and I just love it, especially when the living room is taken over by people watching football and man films!

  6. juliathorley says:

    A good chair is SO important, and you deserve it. Well done on submitting by the deadline. NaNo did you say? Ah yes, well, about that…

    • I agree about the good chair. I had been spending a lot of time sitting at the kitchen table and I think the chair there gave me back ache (too low), which has taken quite a few weeks to get rid of. I don’t sit there for long periods any more! Did you do/start NaNo.. or shall we just draw a veil over that?!

  7. Kate Hogan says:

    Big well done and hugs for getting it over the line. Good luck! Kate Hogan.

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