Walking in the Middle of The Road

Does anyone else find themselves leaping off the pavement as people approach TWO ABREAST?

As someone pointed out to these joined-at-the-hip types on Twitter yesterday, “when passing someone on a narrow path or pavement, please walk in single file. It won’t kill you.”

I find myself trilling, “It’s fine. We don’t mind getting run over!” as we trudge ungraciously down the white line (and the people we’re trying to avoid don’t even notice!). Grr.

I think #lockdown is getting to us all a bit, isn’t it?


Now, before we discuss important writing topics, I need to talk about TELEVISION. The idiot’s lantern, as my friend’s dad used to call it.

I haven’t seen ‘The Serpent’ (should I? Is it good?) and I’m too scared to watch ‘It’s a Sin’ in case it’s harrowing. I can’t cope with harrowing. (In fact, all I can cope with is Channel 5’s endless programmes about the Royal Family. It was Princess Anne’s ‘7 Loves of Her Life’ last night. Very relaxing).

So, tell me whether you think I can cope with ‘It’s a Sin’. The ’80s was ‘my’ era, so I am very tempted but knowing the subject matter, I am also nervous.

Please don’t advise that I watch ‘The Dig’ or ‘Bridgerton’ because we don’t have Netflix. I know, I know.

There is a good programme starting tonight – ‘Bloodlands’ – which I am definitely going to tune into.

Writing Stuff

Comic Sans

Apparently, changing your font to Comic Sans will cure writers’ block!

Comic Sans is a ‘fun, informal, childish’ font (aw, sweet. It’s got a personality!) that you should never use for serious writing, like a letter to the doctor or a competition entry but something to do with the different shapes and spaces between the letters, lets your mind relax enough to write. Or so it says here.

Might be worth a try if you’re struggling to get the words down?

And if you are struggling to write (and I know that’s not everyone. For every person that can’t concentrate or has children to home-school, there’s at least one other who’s ‘never written as much!’ during this pandemic), then this article might be of interest.

Top 10 Tips for Writers

Megan Kerr who runs ‘The Writers Greenhouse’ (and lots of writing courses/classes for adults, which are usually based in Oxford but are of course now on-line), is celebrating her 10 year anniversary by publishing her top 10 (very practical!) tips for writers. I’m with her on the ‘writing by hand’ (and I did have a fountain pen but I seem to have lost it so I will treat myself to another one very soon).

Definitely worth a read.

Right, it’s finally stopped raining, the sun has come out and so… I am heading for a walk in the mud with the dog (at least, if we go over the fields, we avoid people!). Have a good week!

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21 Responses to Walking in the Middle of The Road

  1. Cath Barton says:

    I watched one episode of The Serpent. That was enough for me. If you don’t like harrowing I’d give it a miss. On the other hand, It’s A Sin is important TV. Emotional, yes, but a story that needed to be told. It’s apparently raised awareness about AIDS hugely amongst young people.

    • Interesting, Cath. An elderly lady in one of my classes recommended ‘The Serpent’ so she’s obviously made of tougher stuff than me! I think you’re right about ‘It’s a Sin’ though.

  2. Sherri says:

    Yes, re two-a-breasters. I tend to mumble ‘I’ll just jump into this hedge then, shall I?’ as I make a big fuss of letting them go by. They don’t notice.
    I don’t have Netflix either, but I do have Sky, and I find the Landscape/Portrait Artist of the Year very relaxing.

  3. My other half watched The Serpent, but I couldn’t. Resorted to doing a jigsaw instead. I’m addicted to all the feel good stuff…The Repair Shop, The Winter Walks on BBC and any slow TV stuff. Trying to finish editing a book. Thanks for the link to The Greenhouse….I do need a fountain pen! I wrote a book I’ve published on Kindle entirely by hand …scribbling in lunch hours at work or curled up on the sofa of an evening.

  4. edinburghs says:

    Agree about writing by hand but I like a really sharp pencil.

  5. Sharon boothroyd says:

    I love The Serpent. A lot slated it – not because of all the real life murders, but because of the constant chain smoking! But this has consequences… my hubby and I binge watched it on I- player. I have a nervous disposition and I didn’t find it too harrowing. I hate comic sans font!

  6. pennywrite says:

    Don’t have Netflix, either! Intrigued enough to read first ‘Bridgerton’ novels, and sorry, did not feel the need to read more. But most reviews seem very enthused, so what do I know?

    • I was tempted to read one of the Bridgerton books too but I looked at the first couple of pages of one on Amazon and decided it wasn’t for me! I suspect I would like the TV programme though! Might have to see if they eventually bring it out on DVD!

  7. pennywrite says:

    Just to add: I love Comic Sans (eyesight sometimes not so good – and its thicker lines help!). Also find ‘refreshing’ a page with a new font often helpful, particularly if writing goes off a bit.

    Been watching Tony Robinson’s ‘History Walks’ – repeats, I know – but it’s not obvious stuff and very enjoyable.

  8. Mcj says:

    I didn’t fancy The Serpent but It’s a Sin is a must see. It is an emotional rollercoaster, and a tearjerker but uplifting and an insight into the Aids crisis of the 80s and 90s before antiretroviral medication became the lifesaver. Some of the attitudes expressed are shocking but hopefully we have moved on since then . Olly Alexander is a tour de force.

  9. juliathorley says:

    No, sorry, Comic Sans drives me crazy. I’m glad to hear you’re a member of the ‘You’re welcome, don’t mention it, oh you didn’t’ brigade. Thanks for the top 10 tips links. I couldn’t agree more about the fountain pen; going back to proper ink has changed my life! Incidentally, I suspect I would enjoy a cuppa with so many of the virtual friends who leave comments on your posts. Onwards!

  10. Thumbs up to both The Serpent (glad I didn’t see it before my daughter went backpacking in Thailand) and It’s a Sin (sad bits in there but happy bits too).

  11. Shame we can’t all have a cup of tea together (in real life, not virtually!) isn’t it, Julia? I took the dog for a walk today and had to cross the road (and walk where there’s no pavement) twice within a couple of minutes and no-one said thank you! It’s infuriating!!!

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