A Summer of Football

The winner of my E D Thompson book giveaway has been chosen by random wheel name generator and – as you can see – it was Karelann. Well done to her!

But, if you entered and didn’t win, all is not lost because next Monday, 12th July, I’ll have another guest post and another book giveaway. So, make sure you come back then!

As I write this, The Football is on the tele’ in the other room. I’m not watching but I have half an ear out for any goals. So far, it seems we are relying on the other side to score for us. Let’s hope things improve. [and if it goes to penalties, I am turning off. I can’t stand the tension!)

50 Word Fiction

If football is your thing – and you’d like to flex your writing muscle with a 50-word competition – then you might be interested in the latest Scottish Book Trust competition, which closes on 27th July. This time, they’d like you to write about ‘a summer of football’ – in a maximum of 50 words. The rules are here.

On Twitters the other day, some clever person had put this picture together, of the older Gareth Southgate comforting the younger Gareth Southgate. (I wonder what he was saying?)

If you know the sorry story of the penalty that Southgate missed in the 1996 Euro tournament, then you’ll understand the picture. And if you don’t – or you’d like to know more – this article explains it all beautifully.

On the writing front, for me, I need to start Novel #2. And so far I have … bought a lovely new orange notebook and written a couple of pages of research notes. And that’s it.
I have a long way to go…

PS: ENGLAND JUST WON…..! Wheeeeeeeeee!

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1 Response to A Summer of Football

  1. Eirin Thompson says:

    Congratulations to Karelann – your book is on its way to you. And thanks so much to everyone who took part in the draw. Congratulations, too, to all the English followers of Helen’s blog on last night’s football success. Good luck for Sunday!

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