Cringeworthy Fiction Required!


So much to do (who ALLOWED me to start watching MAFSUK*?!) and so little time, so just a quickie from me tonight.

Miranda Dickinson Mentoring Opportunity

Firstly, you might like to know that novelist Miranda Dickinson is running a short story competition and offering a prize of 6 months of mentoring.

There are more details on her Facebook page so have a look.

All you have to do is send her a story of 1000 words or less, in any genre, any theme. Closing date 1st December.

And she says, “Anyone can enter, whether you’ve written for ages or this is your first time, whether you’re published or yet-to-be published. Just write me a short story of 1,000 words or less and send it to: by midnight on 1st December.”

Women’s Comedy Cringe Flash Competition c/d 9th September

Not long to enter this one – and you have to be a woman to enter – but you only have to write up to 250 words, so that won’t take long!

This is what they’re looking for:

“We need your cringeworthy fiction. We’ve all said the wrong thing, snogged the wrong person, fallen over and then pretended we hadn’t – now it’s time to celebrate misfortune… for humour purposes! Show us your best cringe fiction.

Go on… indulge us… we need to hear EVERYTHING. The cringier, most embarrassing, #awkward on the page, the happier we will be. You know you want to, make us laugh – in 250 words or less!”

There’s a prize of £300 for the winner and it’s free to enter.

Mary Lawson – New Book & Interview

I’ve loved the writing of Canadian author, Mary Lawson, ever since I read her first novel ‘Crow Lake’ back in .. .oh, I can’t remember when but a long time ago. Anyone else? She should be better known! If you like Anne Tyler (who, incidentally, she credits as an influence), then you’ll probably like Mary Lawson.

I was so pleased to see, in a Penguin newsletter that I received today, that she’s got a new novel out and there’s an interview to go with it. Read it and you’ll find out which two novels she credits with teaching her ‘how to write a novel’. (And yes, join me in rushing out to buy those novels!).

Talking of which … I *may* have some news on that front on Monday, so come back then, won’t you…?

*Married At First Sight UK. (I know, I know, but a girl has to have a little bit of downtime!)

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6 Responses to Cringeworthy Fiction Required!

  1. Tracy Fells says:

    I love Anne Tyler, one of my all-time favourite authors, so I must check out Mary Lawson. Cant wait for your news, don’t tease too much longer, Helen! xx

  2. Reading Mary Lawson’s novel now and enjoying it and delighted to see it long listed for the Booker Prize. The characters are so well drawn and the sense of place so vivid its like watching scenes unfold.

  3. Kate Blackadder says:

    Crow Lake is in my top ten all-time favourite books; hard to choose which Anne Tyler (or two) to put in there – perhaps Saint Maybe? Look forward to hearing your news, Helen.

  4. Lindsay Bamfield says:

    I, too, loved Crow Lake by Mary Lawson, and The Other Side of the Bridge. I know there was another a few years back which I’ve not read but will rectify that along with the new novel. I also enjoy Anne Tyler’s work.

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