Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

Hello! Hasn’t it gone DARK and COLD?! It’ll soon be time for the snowman header to appear. Hope you’re managing to stay cosy and warm, wherever you are.

(Mini) Novel Update

A few people have asked me if I know how the pre-orders are going and the honest answer is, I don’t! I can only see the same as all of you on the Amazon website (other booksellers are available – e.g.: WH Smith and the paperback is slightly cheaper there!) and I haven’t dared broach the subject with my editor.

Ssssh, between you and me, I don’t know if it’s ‘the thing to do’ and it’s probably a bit early. It’s only been up for pre-ordering for just over a week, after all.

If any of you are registered with Netgalley (apparently you have to be a ‘librarian, bookseller, educator, reviewer, blogger or in the media’ to be ‘approved’ – but some of you may well be!), apparently the book is going on there at the end of the month, so look out for it and you might snag yourself a free copy, in exchange for a review.

I have a ‘new’ agent by the way – I’m no longer with Kate Nash, as my agent there, Robbie Guillory, has set up his own agency and kindly asked me and others, if we’d like to go with him. His new agency is called Underline. He’s very good but I think he’s been swamped with submissions since he set up, a few weeks ago!

New Mental Health Short Story Anthology

Over lockdown, the psychiatrist-and-novelist Joanna Cannon (did I ever mention that I interviewed her once…?) had a great idea, which she wrote about on Twitter. She wanted to pair mental health service users with best-selling authors, to tell the story of what it really feels like to live alongside mental illness. And now it’s going to happen!

An anthology of 12 stories (which Joanna will edit) will be published in October next year by Borough Press (an imprint of Harper Collins). Entrants must at some point have experienced a mental health condition, and, if chosen, will need to provide a letter from their primary carer or GP certifying that they are currently suitable to participate in the project.

Submissions open on 1st December 2021 and close on 7th February 2022. Entries can be made by sending a completed entry form (there doesn’t seem to be any sign of that yet but no doubt it will appear by 1st Dec!) to For terms and conditions, click here.

The Glencairn Glass Crime Short Story Competition c/d 31st Dec 2021

A lovely free short story competition has popped up, so I thought I’d let you know, in case you’re twiddling your thumbs over Christmas…

It’s free to enter, it’s open worldwide and there are fabulous cash prizes! (First prize is a tasty £1000!) And the theme is: ‘A Crystal-Clear Crime’. Make sure you read the rules carefully, as always and good luck!

Fingers Crossed…

And finally, there are at least 4 friends of mine who are ‘out on submission’ at the moment – looking for an agent or for a publisher for their novel. Obviously, I won’t name names but they know who they are and it’s a tense time so I’m sending them lots of positive vibes and fingers crossed for a good outcome. When you’ve got that deal, you’ll be very welcome on the blog to tell us all about it. X

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