All Better!

Look at me with crime author Vaseem Khan, pretending that’s MY book!

I am free of Covid at last (that blasted red line takes ages to disappear, though, doesn’t it?) and it feels like I’ve been released from prison! Hurrah. (Mind you, I’m not assuming I won’t get it again. I know someone who’s had it three times, so far…)

My OH got it a couple of days after me and managed to out-do me in the symptoms stakes by producing a bright red rash over his whole body, which looked like major sunburn.

We had to send photos to the doctor and she was very impressed by the scale of it. Apparently it is a (rare!) side effect of the coronavirus but after some anti-histamines and cream, it disappeared after a few days.

Evesham Festival of Words

The Festival was last weekend and it all went very well. My event with Jane Bettany was good! We’d never met each other before (although we’d Zoom’ed a couple of times) but we interviewed each other (and introduced each other) and a member of the audience said, afterwards, that it was like watching two old (old?!!) friends having a chat. I think that was a compliment!

I also ran the quiz on Friday night with my friend Chris, which was a laugh. (Think we were slightly hysterical as we’d put the questions together in a very last-minute manner, for various reasons!).

And I attended 2 writing workshops, led by Fran Hill and Simon Whaley, which were both excellent.

Just time to tell you about a couple of things:

The Secrets of Storytelling’ on BBC Sounds has been recommended to me by a reliable source and although I haven’t listened to any if it myself yet, I am passing this on. Let me know if you listen and what you think!

Avon Books & My Weekly Short Story Competition

There’s a short story competition open to un-agented, unpublished female writers over the age of 45.

Avon Books UK & My Weekly Writing Competiton

The first prize is £1000 and publication of your story.

You have to write a short story of 1800 words. Closing date 19th August 2022.
Read the rules carefully and good luck if you have a go!

Me, Jane and fellow author Amanda Reynolds, whose event was after ours.

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2 Responses to All Better!

  1. jbettany2013 says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed our event, Helen. It was lovely to finally have a chance to meet in person. Glad to hear the quiz went well too.

    • Thanks Jane. Sorry it’s taken so long to reply. Yes, it was really good fun, wasn’t it? And we had lots of questions, so everyone seemed engaged, which was great. Perhaps we’ll get the chance to do it again at another event, time and commitments permitting!

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