Novel & Short Story Competition

Dust, dust and more dust

As I write this, the Opening Ceremony of the Commonwealth Games is on in the background.

Hmm.. am not sure about it. But then, I’m never that sure about any opening ceremonies (apart from London 2012 when the Queen met James Bond and then parachuted in.. that was pretty cool). They always seem a bit of a hotch-potch. But never mind, perhaps you have to be there.

Ah, it’s the teams’ parade now. That’s better. (We keep saying ‘Ooh, I didn’t know THEY were in the Commonwealth!’)

It’s now 6 days since I came back from Norfolk and I still haven’t unpacked completely AND we have builders in – not sure whether I told you that, but they’ve been here, on and off (very off) since March and there is dust and big holes in the walls. And lots of noise, during the day.

First Novel Competition

So, I wanted to tell you about a chance to win a prize and get your novel published!


But firstly, I should warn you that this opportunity comes via The Daily Wail and you might prefer to poke your eyes out with hot needles than have anything to do with that illustrious ‘newspaper’.

It’s entirely up to you, of course BUT it’s still a great opportunity and linked to a respectable literary agency too (LBA) and Sphere, an imprint of Little, Brown, so at least have a look before you dismiss it.

The winner of the 2019 competition, Louise Morrish, whose novel ‘Operation Moonlight’ has just been published in hardback, had been turned down by 50 agents before she won the competition.

You have to be a UK resident, over 18, a first-time author (ie: not had a work of fiction published before) and not currently represented by an agent, in order to enter. And you don’t have to send a complete novel.

Here are the rules. Read them carefully before you enter (and you’ve got until 1st November, so lots of time but don’t leave it too late!)

Best Spooky Short Story Competition

And if short stories are more your thing, Best magazine is running a competition for ‘spooky’ Hallowe’en stories, with a first prize of £500 and 2 runners-up will get £200 and all three stories will be published in the magazine. All the details are here (you might need to zoom in/enlarge the page).

Good luck!

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6 Responses to Novel & Short Story Competition

  1. Thanks, Patsy. I’ll enter the ‘best’ competition. Also, our son entered the Wail comp, I think same year, when Penguin Random House were co-sponsors, I told my would-be novelist son about it, and he entered – was in the top five, featured in the Wail! He then won best longlistee in Bath First Novel Award, then signed with an agent, then three-book deal with Joffe books, and the novel comes out in around the next three months. Very exciting – takes ages but so worth it!

  2. Eirin Thompson says:

    Hope your building work is finished soon, Helen, and that you can enjoy your home again. Jacqueline, that’s fantastic news! Can you share book title and author?

    • Thanks Erin. In social media I’ve referred to him as Author Boy!
      The publisher may change the title, but once it’s out there I’ll be making a fair amount of noise! He has a day job but is now editing book 2. Crime novels, same team.

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