Cover & Title Reveal!

Firstly, I apologise if this all seems very boasty-boasty but if I can’t write about my forthcoming book on my own blog, I’m not sure where I can…! So, here goes:

You might be interested to know that the cover – and title – of my second novel have just been revealed! Whoop, whoop. And the book (even though I’m still working on it! Copy edits went back to the publisher yesterday and it’s now with the proof reader) is available to pre-order, should you wish to treat yourself (and, of course).

Yes, that IS a nice way of saying ‘please buy my book!’

It will be making an appearance on Netgalley at some point, so if you want to hold on and see if you can get a free copy that way, good for you but otherwise, the e-book will be released on 4th November and the paperback will be out on 22nd December, just in time for Christmas.

You may remember, a few weeks ago, I confessed that I wasn’t sure about the title that had been chosen.

My working title for this second novel has always been ‘The Lumberjills’ because that’s what it’s about (it’s the nickname for the Women’s Timber Corps, the thousands of young women who worked in Britain’s forests during WW2, doing an essential job of providing timber while the foresters and lumberjacks were away fighting).

Anyway, it was thought that ‘Lumberjills’ sounded too American and that potential readers wouldn’t be familiar with the expression and might be put off. Fair enough, I suppose. And there is a ‘tradition’ in WW2 sagas for books with similar titles.

Here are just some examples:

The Halfpenny Girls at War

The Goodtime Girls at War

‘The Kew Garden Girls at War’

Well, you get the idea. ‘Girls’ + ‘War’ = practically a genre in its own right!

And, as someone told me, publishers are all too aware that readers like ‘aspirational locations’ – hence the mention of ‘The Highlands’. So, there you go. It wouldn’t have been my first choice for a title but I must admit, it’s growing on me…! (And there’s plenty of scope for a series, should I be lucky enough to get another contract).

I will be telling you more about the book in due course (not least how it definitely lived up to the ‘second novel syndrome’ reputation…!)

But enough of all that. Hope you’re enjoying the sunshine and it’s not too sweltering where you are!

PS: And just so this post isn’t all about ME, ME, ME, those nice people at NAWG (National Association of Writers Groups) are running an open short story and poetry competition (£5 entry each) which closes on 31st August. There are cash prizes and if you’re interested, all the details are here.

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14 Responses to Cover & Title Reveal!

  1. Pamela Wray says:

    Brilliant news, Helen. Congratulations. I enjoyed your first book A Wartime Secret and look forward to reading The Highland Girls At War.
    Pam x

  2. Eirin Thompson says:

    A great-looking cover and a title that is certainly to the point! Like Pamela, I very much enjoyed A Wartime Secret and will definitely buy The Highland Girls At War. Hope you are savouring every minute of your publication adventure.

  3. Penny Alexander says:

    Think it looks great! ‘Lumberjills’ feels specific to this time-period too… presumably you’re able to use it in the narrative, if not in the title? Either way, all the best with this story.

  4. C.L. Peache says:

    Congratulations. Love the cover 🙂

  5. How exciting Helen! Fab cover, and though I understand how hard it must be to let go of your title (which is also fab), I guess that’s part of the whole published novelist thing, and it is also a good one. This post has reminded me I hadn’t yet ordered your first novel, so I just did (from an independent platform as I won’t go near that A place!), to be sent to my mum in the UK (who has always loved your mag stories when I’ve told her about them). Then I can read it when I visit her. 🙂
    Happy August to you (hope you’re not as sweltering as her in SW France – never thought I’d long for rain so hard!)

    • Thank you Philippa! It is pretty sweltering here but I’m away for a few days and the house is lovely and cool, so I’m not complaining! But I can imagine it must be pretty hot in your part of the world too! Hope your mum (and you!) enjoy the book(s). x

  6. Karelann Wright says:

    Well done on this second book Helen. The cover is great and I like the title actually. Gives you a clue about what you will get inside.I have pre- ordered it and loved Maggie and Ray in A Wartime Secret, your first book so look forward to reading about the Lumberjills.

  7. Kate Hogan says:

    Great newson your new novel, Helen. So very excited and pleased for you. Well done on all your hard work. Bought, loved, and reiewed A Wartime Secret (in my none writers name) got it in the local library too. Will try and do the same for your new novel, as well. Very, very , well done! good wishes. Kate Hogan

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