Book Launch & Paperback Giveaway!

UPDATE: The winner of my book + chocolate giveaway, drawn by random name wheel thingy (as pictured!) is Jennifer Green. I’ve been in touch with Jennifer and the goodies are on their way to her. Well done Jennifer!

I meant to write this yesterday but the day got away from me! So this will be a quickie from me, as the main purpose for the post is to tell you about the giveaway!

Yesterday was publication day for The Highland Girls at War, which meant that if you’d pre-ordered it, at midnight it would have ‘pinged’ onto your Kindle and of course, if you didn’t pre-order it, you can download it now for the princely (less than the price of a cup of coffee) sum of £2.99.

The audiobook is also out now, should that be of interest and the paperback is out on 22nd December, just in time for Christmas!

It’s a little weird, having an e-book ‘launch’ because of course there’s nothing tangible to wave about or to sign! So, there’s no launch party (just in case anyone thinks that I must have had one, in a swanky venue, with bubbly and glittery dresses and why weren’t they invited..!). Everything’s done virtually, on ‘socials’ as I am learning to call them (just as yesterday was my ‘pub day’! Should I have gone to the pub? Probably!).

Flowers from HQ

Anyway, I’m not complaining: I had lots of congratulations on Facebook and Twitter and some lovely flowers arrived from my publisher (from Bloom & Wild, so they are still in bud but will bloom over the next few days). And there’s going to be a blog tour, the week after next, involving 21 bloggers (!) but more about that another time.

But I DO have in my possession, a small box of actual paperback copies of the book (not available generally until next month). These are my author copies, (10), which arrived a couple of days ago. I’ve already given a few out to people who’ve helped me (e.g.: my Canadian friend Carole checked the ‘Canuck-speak’) but I do have a couple reserved as ‘promo copies’ (get me, with the lingo).

So, first one is up for grabs on here!

If you’d like to win a signed paperback of ‘The Highland Girls’ + bar of Cadbury chocolate, all you have to do is this:

– Follow my blog, if you don’t already. The button to subscribe is in the bottom right-hand corner. Keep scrolling down and you’ll see it. I promise I don’t do anything with your email addresses, so you won’t get any spam. It just means that every time I write a new post, it will pop into your inbox.

– Live in the UK. Sorry I can’t post overseas because that involves going to the post office, etc and I don’t have time!

– Leave a comment below, saying anything you like (well, nothing rude, please!) You can simply write ‘Count me in, please!’ if you like.

I will pick a winner at random from all entries received on Monday 7th November at 8pm. One entry per person.

I’ll dedicate the book to whoever (whomever?) you like (it doesn’t have to be you, as you may wish to give it as a present, which is fine). Or I can leave it blank, in case you want to flog it on Ebay.

More Of ‘Me’ (!)

Skip this if you’ve had enough of me by now but there are a couple more things to tell you about:

Rachel Brimble’s Website

I’m appearing on romance writer Rachel Brimble’s blog today in her ‘Guest Author Saturday’ slot and answering questions like, ‘What was your first job?’ and ‘Do you have a pet peeve?’ (it was very difficult to keep that down to just one, believe me!).

How did I get on that? She was asking for authors who might be interested in ‘appearing’ and I said ‘yes please’!

DOAD – Diary of a Debut Novelist

The brilliant crime novelist Emma Christie who was herself a debut novelist not that long ago, set this up last year and I really enjoyed ‘tuning in’ (on Zoom) to some of the panels that she led.

She gets 4 or 5 ‘debut novelists’ to talk about a particular topic related to writing and getting published. What I like is that everyone apart from the panellists are muted and ‘blanked out’ so you can actually do something else while you listen (like eat your dinner or do the dreaded ironing) and there’s a chance to ask questions by typing them into the ‘chat’ and they also have giveaways for the authors’ books. And it’s free!

Last Wednesday’s topic was ‘How I got my agent’ – and even if you missed it, you can watch the video here (it starts a couple of minutes in to the session because Emma, by her own admission, is a bit rusty on Zoom – aren’t we all – and forgot to press ‘record’!).

Next Wednesday (9th November) from 7pm – 8pm, the topic is ‘How I Got My Book Deal’ and I am one of the 5 panellists (eek and double eek!), so if you fancy it, register for the event here.

And the Facebook page, for more info, is here.

Hmm, so much for a ‘quickie’ post, eh?!

Have a good weekend, bye for now!

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49 Responses to Book Launch & Paperback Giveaway!

  1. Heather Walker says:

    Oh, please count me in! Thanks.

  2. I can’t wait to add the paperback to my bookshelf ❤️

  3. Tracy Fells says:

    Please add me to the draw. I really enjoyed A Wartime Secret and am intrigued to learn more about the Lumberjills!

  4. TelynBlue says:

    Ooh , yes please. Would love a hard copy to go with the kindle version

  5. Barbara says:

    Many Congratulations again Helen. Great news about your second book. Well done. I am planning on sending a copy of your first book to the US with John for his Mum and sisters to read so we can keep that ‘special relationship’. (UK/US post have lost too many things in past so personal delivery it is). All the best with your next book too. Bx

  6. Wendy says:

    Congratulations on the publication of your second book. I am a quarter of the way through and loving it thus far!

  7. Fiona says:

    Congratulations Helen! Looking forward to reading your second book as I really enjoyed A Wartime Secret, so please count me in.
    And Lumberjills! I volunteered for a year as part of a project to record their stories ( so this is a topic I know I’ll love.

  8. Please count me in. I love wartime reads, and who doesn’t love chocolate?❤️📚🍫

  9. Pamela Wray says:

    Yes, please count me in, Helen. I very much enjoyed reading about Maggie and Ray in A Wartime Secret, and look forward to meeting the Lumberjills.

  10. Kea says:

    Congratulations Helen!
    Please count me in .

  11. Beverley says:


  12. Derek Baker says:

    Why is it you writers never seem to age. It must be at least 12 years when you were at Arden night school. You are obviously using an old foto.🤣
    If I do not get your signed copy I will have to buy it from Amazon for Christmas.
    Hope it rockets to top of the charts.

  13. lyndajanemcmahon says:

    Oh yes please!


    Yes, please include me in your giveaway. Congrats on the second book and interviews. (BTW it is ‘to whomever’).

  15. Pat Good says:

    Congratulations. Please add me to the draw.

  16. I follow you in the WordPress Reader and enjoy your posts and writing challenges.

  17. Jenny Roman says:

    Yes, please – count me in, Helen! I enjoyed your first one, so would love a signed copy of this one. Many congratulations, and hope that your sales boom! 😁

  18. Helen M Smith says:

    I would love to win a copy please!

  19. oeillade1 says:

    Yes, please! Count me in! x

  20. Janet Wicks says:

    Looks like its going to be a good series

  21. bettymarshall68 says:

    Yes please this is a fabulous prize count me in Xxxx 🥰🥰

  22. Donna Bartlett says:

    Congratulations I would be honoured to have the chance to win this great prize 💗

  23. Emma Watson says:

    Yes please.

  24. Elaine Stephen says:

    Count me in, please.

  25. Helen Lowry says:

    Congratulations on your second book and count me in!

  26. Lisa Crosbie says:

    Count me in please. Thanks.

  27. Dawn Swain says:

    This looks to be a great book and I would Love to win it.

  28. Fiona Dodd says:

    This would be amazing to win. Count me in please. Xx

  29. Jennifer Green says:

    Have been looking forward to this book. My great aunt was a land girl. She hated it. Although she did marry the son of the farm she worked on. He unfortunately died only after 6 months of marriage and she left the farm and went back to London.

  30. This is not a count-me-in message (France ‘n all), just a big CONGRATS on the launch, so wonderful to see your second literary baby being born!! Philippa xx

  31. Jessica Merryfield says:

    This looks like a wonderful adventure to read about!

  32. Kathryn Jessop says:

    Ooh lovely 😍 can’t wait to start this one, count me in please 🤞

  33. I’ve taken a look
    At the cover of your book,
    And from what I saw,
    I’d like to enter the draw.
    Congrats on publication –
    Enjoy you celebration!

  34. Wendy Knight says:

    This is a lovey book is now on my kindle

  35. banksywrites says:

    Yes please, Helen. Please count me in. I loved A Wartime Secret. Looking forward to reading the new one.

  36. Linda Ford says:

    WW2 sagas are my absolute favourite, love reading about how the women come together. Such a sense of community

  37. Christine Cherry says:

    Congratulations Helen. Looking forward to ‘The Highland Girls at War’ joining ‘A Wartime Secret’ on my bookcase. Enjoying an inspirational break from Nanowrimo as I catch up on your Blog. Thank you! Chrisx

  38. Eirin Thompson says:

    Congratulations on the launch of your new book, Helen! It’s a super cover and, having read A Wartime Secret, I know it’ll be a great read. No need to include me in the draw, as I have made my arrangements with my time-share Kindle x

  39. AlysonH says:

    Congratulations on the second book. Please count me in .

  40. Pamela Wroblewski says:

    This looks a wonderful book hope I am lucky enough to win it xx

  41. Angela Thompson-Macdonald says:

    Count me in please

  42. Angela Thompson-Macdonald says:

    I love wartime fiction

  43. Michaela Eyley says:

    Count me in Helen. This reminded me that the paperback’s not out yet, as I’ve been looking in the shops for it. x

  44. Linda Mallinson says:

    Many congratulations on your new book. Please count me in.

  45. Grace Collins says:

    would love to read your book

  46. Amanda BARTON says:

    You are very generous, Helen, with your offers and recommendations. Thank you so much for recommending Diary of a Debut Novelist. I’ve just watched last week’s video and it was really informative. Can’t make tomorrow night’s but I’ll be looking out for you when I watch the video on ‘catch up.’ Many congratulations on the publication of your second book. I would love a copy (and the chocolate!). Enjoy your success and tomorrow night’s panel. x

    • Thanks for your comment, Amanda. I’m sorry you didn’t win the book but hopefully you’ll enjoy ‘Diary of A Debut Novelist’! I always find it interesting (yes, even the ones I’m not in!!)

  47. Sandra Mundie says:

    Sounds like it’s just up my street, I would love to read this, thanks

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