Happy Christmas Eve!

View from our garden a couple of weeks ago

It seems to be something of a ‘tradition’ for me to write a blog post on Christmas Eve. (The eagle-eyed amongst you may notice that I didn’t do it last year but I have on other years).

The food is bought, presents wrapped and the house is …erm, clean-ish.

There will only be 4 of us tomorrow: me, my OH, my mum and Bonnie (who’s been ill but is OK now), so hopefully (touch wood and all that) it will be relaxing (and not like 2 years ago when we ended up in Cheltenham General on Boxing Day evening – in the middle of the pandemic – with my mum who, it turned out, had shingles. Yes, that was lovely for all of us).

The Traitors

Did you see The Traitors on BBC1? I’m asking everyone because OOOH, it was so good. Best tele’ in a long time and I didn’t even feel guilty about the 12 hours I spent watching it because it was so enjoyable and therefore good for my mental health!

EFoW Competitions

Although this year I had to resign from the Evesham Festival of Words Steering Group, due to No Time, I do still take an interest in what they’re up to and they’ve got a free Christmas quiz which closes on 1st January 2023.

And they’ve launched their 2023 Short Story Competition, which is still a very reasonable £5 to enter (and if you submit your entry before 31st January you stand a chance of winning a £20 book token). All the details are here. Might be something to get stuck into over the Christmas holiday?

Nighty Night

It’s time for me to hit the sack and wait for Santa to arrive so I’ll bid you good night.

Thanks to everyone who’s followed and commented on the blog this year and to those of you who’ve bought/read and been kind about my books. This time last year I didn’t have a novel to my name and now, somehow (and I’m still not sure how it happened), I have two. It’s all a bit surreal.

Have a great Christmas and I’ll see you on the other side x

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6 Responses to Happy Christmas Eve!

  1. lyndajanemcmahon says:

    Have a very Happy Christmas! Thank you for another year of blogs. I hope the Bew Year us a good one for you and yours 🥂

  2. Sharon Boothroyd says:

    I hope you had a peaceful Christmas, Helen. Yes, I too became a HUGE traitors fan! I didn’t mind if traitor Will did win, as he was spending the cash prize on good things to benefit others. I’ve heard rumours in the media that a second series is being commissioned, but with celebs. Warm wishes to you and the family for the New year and wishing you all the best success for 2023!

  3. Kate Hogan says:

    Wishing you and yours a belated Happy Christmas, Helen. With special wishes for a wonderful New Year filled with good health, happiness, creative inspiration and love. Thank you for all your positivity, information and support to us writerly folk, who I wish allthe very best in the New Year, too. Kate Hogan XXXX

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