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In Which Everything is LARGE!

Hello, I am back after a long time away! My book-in-progress went off to the editor this morning (should have been there yesterday, so that’s not too bad). Unfortunately for me, reading is much quicker than writing, so I’m expecting … Continue reading

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Writers, when is your ‘Golden Hour’?

Hellooo! I’m too tired to concentrate on my edits and it’s too early to go to bed, so I’m whizzing off a little post while I have a ‘window’. I can manage this because it’s like talking to a friend … Continue reading

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What I’ve Learned from Being Published

My edits are back! Which means I have to knuckle down and shape the novel into something vaguely publishable. And …sobs…some of my carefully-crafted paragraphs (and chapters!) are having to be cut (which is why I shouldn’t have spent so … Continue reading

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Happy Sunday!

I’ve had a REST today and it’s been lovely. I didn’t wake up until 10am, I’ve pootled about, I’ve cleaned bathrooms (for the first time in…erm, I’m too embarrassed to tell you but hey, I enjoyed it!); we walked the … Continue reading

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Sweet Freedom!

Hello, I’m back! So, here’s the news (apologies, it’s a bit of a whinge-fest!) The first draft of the new novel – 85,000 words – winged its way to the editor on Friday, which was the new deadline, so at … Continue reading

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In ‘Train’ ing…

Just a quickie from me which is par for the course these days! ‘In training’ for what, I hear you cry? Well, possibly for a nervous breakdown! Ha haaaa! *laughs like a maniac* Since I last wrote, I’ve had a … Continue reading

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In Which I Am Distracted By Sheep

The bestselling novelist Adele Parks is in the Sunday Times today (I know because my mother waved the paper at me as I arrived to make her lunch!), talking about ‘Fame and Fortune’ and how her first novel – ‘Playing … Continue reading

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Why I’ve Got My Head Down (and my mouth shut!)

Sorry my posts are few-and-far-between-ish at the moment. It’s not lack of desire, it’s lack of time. As I’ve probably told you a million times (and I’m starting to bore myself now), I have a deadline of 17th March to … Continue reading

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In Which My Books Are Borrowed!

Last week I got my very first PLR (‘public lending rights’) statement. What is that, I hear you cry? Well, if you’re a published author, illustrator, editor, translator or audiobook narrator and you register your work here you might/should receive … Continue reading

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Happy New Year!

Gosh, look at that date! Over half way through January (and it’s ‘Blue Monday’ apparently!) and this is my first post of the year. Apologies but I am in head-down-saying-no-to-all-invitations writing mode, as I have a deadline of mid-March to … Continue reading

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