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My Mini ‘Writer’s Retreat’

I’ve got some ‘me time’ at the moment as my other half is away playing golf, so I’m trying to turn this week into a bit of a ‘writer’s retreat’. (Stop laughing at the back). And no, it’s not taking … Continue reading

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Writing Is Like Golf! (Honest)

Last week we were in Spain and my man had a couple of rounds of golf. In a moment of madness, I decided to walk round the first course with him (something I’ve never done before…). Here I am, on … Continue reading

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Jojo Moyes, The Shard.. and I spot a STAR!

I whizzed back to Cheltenham for the last day of the festival last Sunday (but not alone this time, so I can’t count it as an ‘artist’s date’!), to see an interview with novelist Jojo Moyes. If you don’t ‘know’ … Continue reading

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Artist’s Date #1 – ‘Smelling The Roses’

Right. As I’m writing an article about ‘Artists’ Dates’ I thought I’d better start going on some. So, today I went all on my tod to Todenham to the Alain Rouveure Galleries. It’s about 5 miles down the road from … Continue reading

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My Writing A – Z

Sometimes, I admit it, I’m stuck for things to write about on this blog. I know, it’s unbelievable but after 457 posts and four and a half years, it gets harder…. But today, a lightbulb moment! I’ve seen other bloggers … Continue reading

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Elevator Pitches And Other Stuff..

I promised to tell you more about one of the writing workshops I attended at ChipLitFest last weekend, so here goes… I went to a workshop on ‘Creating Tension’, run by Lucy Atkins and Emily Barr, who’ve both written scary … Continue reading

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Selling (Writing) Dreams…

As I was driving into Oxfordshire this morning, heading for the Chipping Norton Literary Festival (exciting!), they played one of my favourite songs on the radio – Jessie by Joshua Kadison (OK, I know it’s a bit cheesy and Joshua … Continue reading

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