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Caves And A Bit of Hokey-Cokey

Yuck. What a horrible, cold rainy day it is out there! Hope you don’t have to venture out far, if you’ve got the same weather as me! We bought ourselves a Hokey Cokey sign today and hung it up on … Continue reading

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Lady Of The Manor!

Last night we stayed at the rather exclusive Lords of the Manor hotel in Upper Slaughter in the Cotswolds. And we spent a very nice day today down the road in Bourton-on-the-Water. So, what’s all this got to do with … Continue reading

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Mentoring for Would-Be Novelists

Hurrah, it’s Sunday night and that means Homeland! Anyone else watching/enjoying it? It’s a good excuse to put a picture of the lovely Damian Lewis on my blog, anyway. Over the weekend I treated myself to Marie Claire magazine because … Continue reading

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Magazine Madness Round-Up

I’ve finally made it into ‘Take A Break’! OK, so it’s only a letter (in this week’s issue), not a story, BUT they pay £75 for letters (and £100 for the star letter), which is as much as ‘The People’s … Continue reading

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A Very Sudden Proposal…

Ah, ha! I thought that would get you reading! No, it’s not me, although it is of course 29th February and therefore traditionally the day on which women can propose to men! I’m referring to the poet Robert Browning (incidentally, … Continue reading

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Good Stuff and Bad Stuff

A lot can happen in a week. (Eek, yes, that’s how long it’s been. Sorry. My life has got a bit hectic). Firstly, the bad (not that bad, don’t worry): Maureen Street has emailed me. Maureen Street is probably a … Continue reading

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Magazine Madness Part 12: December (Bumper Issue!)

And so, I reach the last month of my year of ‘Magazine Madness’! I had a bit of catching up to do, as I realised last month that writing to 4 different magazines per month was not going to equate … Continue reading

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