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Three ‘Wise’ Men!

I know it’s a tad early but I’m embracing Christmas with a change of header and an unashamedly cheesy title for this post. It just so happens that I’m featuring three chaps on the blog today, so I couldn’t resist … Continue reading

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I Need A Hero… ! (+ here comes a giveaway!)

I admit it. I am a laggard. I’m talking about those classifications to help explain how new ideas and technology spread through cultures. You know the ones: there are the ‘innovators’ (those annoying people who have to have the latest … Continue reading

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Time For A Sex Change

Ha, yes, it’s a cheap trick but now that I’ve got your attention.. On Friday night I had a most enjoyable time, listening to writer S J Watson ‘in conversation’ as part of Warwick Words Xtra events. ‘SJ’, as you … Continue reading

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What I Nearly Did..

At the weekend, I nearly saw Michael Buble. I was in Birmingham to see the stage production of ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ (very good and recommended – and it’s on tour from London). Before the play, we indulged in a … Continue reading

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Some Writing Competitions…

I went to see ‘Gone Girl’ at the cinema today. Anyone else seen it or read the book, by Gillian Flynn? Both the novel and the film are great for the first half (or so) and then, in my humble … Continue reading

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Dun Rome-in’

I am back from The Eternal City. It seems to have taken me all week to a) recover! (erm, there was a lot of walking and a lot of Negronis and b) to get into the swing of writing again. … Continue reading

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Free-to-Enter Writing Competition (c/d: 1st March 2014)

How To Meet A Man More about the writing competition in a minute but firstly, as Valentine’s Day approaches, I thought I would give this post a ‘romantic’ touch. Here is my tip for any single ladies out there who’d … Continue reading

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New Writing Festival .. and the tele’!

You know how some things just go together? Bread and butter, salt and pepper, white wine and soda, Starsky & Hutch (whoops, showing my age) and of course, that old classic: writing and asparagus! Yes, I have discovered ‘AsparaWriting Festival’ … Continue reading

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X-Factor For Writers

The Christmas madness has started! Every year I swear I’ll be more organised and every year, I’m not. What doesn’t help, is that I’ve acquired the role of ‘present co-ordinator’ for my family. Aaggh! My head feels like it’s going … Continue reading

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Up Close With Ian Rankin

Did anyone watch ‘Imagine’ last night – the BBC1 programme about writer Ian Rankin, working on his latest novel? Do not despair if you missed it – you can catch it on i-player here until 25th December 2012. It’s worth … Continue reading

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