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One Star, Mr Ellory….

Now, you know how I like a bit of controversy, so I was rather tickled to read today about crime writer RJ Ellory, who’s been dabbling in a little ‘crime’ of his own. He’s been caught faking glowing reviews for … Continue reading

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More Star-Spotting

I went to the Olympics yesterday hence the new (temporary!) header. It was fun but tiring. We didn’t get home until 3am. My favourite bits were: 1. The wild flowers that are all over the grounds in the Olympic Park. … Continue reading

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Tennis The Menace!

Being a tennis player is like being a writer. Honest. Bear with me. When you play a tennis match, you either win or you lose. So, think about how many times tennis players lose. Roger Federer, World Number One and … Continue reading

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ChipLitFest – A Report

I’ve been to the first ever Chipping Norton Literary Festival today and it was very good! And ‘buzzing’! (There’s still another day – tomorrow – if you can make it there!) Although, I’m still kicking myself that I didn’t book … Continue reading

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Mentoring for Would-Be Novelists

Hurrah, it’s Sunday night and that means Homeland! Anyone else watching/enjoying it? It’s a good excuse to put a picture of the lovely Damian Lewis on my blog, anyway. Over the weekend I treated myself to Marie Claire magazine because … Continue reading

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Moving In With David Beckham….

Ooh, ooh – we have just exchanged contracts on our house, which means it’s all legally binding, so THERE’S NO GOING BACK! Does that sound like I’m having second thoughts? Well – a little – having discovered THAT (on the … Continue reading

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A Very Sudden Proposal…

Ah, ha! I thought that would get you reading! No, it’s not me, although it is of course 29th February and therefore traditionally the day on which women can propose to men! I’m referring to the poet Robert Browning (incidentally, … Continue reading

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Howdy Partner! (And some writing competitions…)

I’ve had a busy morning. Cup of tea, followed by the Daily Express general knowledge crossword (it keeps Alzheimer’s at bay and is therefore a legitimate displacement activity). ‘20 Down. Co-star, with James Drury of the 1962-71 US western series, … Continue reading

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You Can’t Please All The People…

Last Monday (a week ago today, in fact), I gave a talk to a ‘Ladies Luncheon Club’. (Yes, such things do still exist – even in the Midlands!) It was their Christmas ‘do’, so I wasn’t too worried. I assumed … Continue reading

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It Feels Like Christmas..!

I’ve had a good day today. The latest issue of Writing magazine (yep, that’s January 2012!) popped through my letter box and there were two of my articles in it; then Woman’s Weekly emailed me to accept a story and … Continue reading

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