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Time For A Sex Change

Ha, yes, it’s a cheap trick but now that I’ve got your attention.. On Friday night I had a most enjoyable time, listening to writer S J Watson ‘in conversation’ as part of Warwick Words Xtra events. ‘SJ’, as you … Continue reading

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4 (Random!) Things I’ve Learned This Week

1. If I want to write a (half decent) novel then I need a PREMISE. Does everyone else have a premise? It’s your core statement, a description of the novel in one sentence, it’s what you’re trying to ‘prove’ or … Continue reading

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What I Nearly Did..

At the weekend, I nearly saw Michael Buble. I was in Birmingham to see the stage production of ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ (very good and recommended – and it’s on tour from London). Before the play, we indulged in a … Continue reading

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Some Writing Competitions…

I went to see ‘Gone Girl’ at the cinema today. Anyone else seen it or read the book, by Gillian Flynn? Both the novel and the film are great for the first half (or so) and then, in my humble … Continue reading

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Writers Do It On Their Own. Or Do They?

Have you ever thought of writing ‘collaboratively’? Or, to put it another way – with someone else? One of the members of my class had an idea just before the summer term ended: how about writing a family saga ‘as … Continue reading

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Friends & Family: Help Or Hindrance?

I’ve spotted an interesting new article on the Writers & Artists’ website by Emma Chapman, author of How To Be A Good Wife (which is a novel by the way, not a handbook!). The article’s called ‘Being Delusional: A Guide … Continue reading

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Happy (rainy) Easter Sunday

We had a bit of a family ‘do’ yesterday at our place. This involved me cleaning the house for about two days. And shopping. And cooking. A lot. Which, actually, I didn’t mind. The sun shone, the food, although I … Continue reading

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