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All Roads Lead to Leeds

All writing ground to a halt recently, as I went to Leeds from last Friday to Sunday with my friend. Many, many years ago we were students at the Uni (that’s it there, on the left – the Parkinson Building, … Continue reading

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May The Force Be With You

This was supposed to be written and posted yesterday but I’m afraid I didn’t manage it because I had to watch the BBC programme about stress last night, instead (go figure, as they say). Who was it – Douglas Adams, … Continue reading

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Sources of Inspiration: Atwood, Shakespeare (and cats?)

I went to see one of my favourite authors, Margaret Atwood, on Saturday in Stratford (and, thank the Lord, I managed not to cough). She’s inspiring for several reasons, not least because she’s clever and funny and at 76 she’s … Continue reading

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Do Your Characters Need A Sex Change?

On Friday night I went to see Cymbeline at the RSC in Stratford. It’s not one of Shakespeare’s best-known plays and it was, at times, rather surreal (and long!) but one of the most interesting things for me about the … Continue reading

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Shakespeare And Me

Just look at that title! Don’t worry, I’m not going to start quoting sonnets at you. There’s just time before the Master of The House returns from his travels (he’s at the airport) and the week’s ‘Writing Retreat’ is over … Continue reading

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My Writing A-Z … M is for MSLEXIA

M is for MSLEXIA (‘for women who write’). I really like this magazine and have a subscription to it (ahem, please note photo of the last issue, received at least a fortnight ago, still in its plastic wrapper, because I’m … Continue reading

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Make ‘Em Laugh..

Or at least, don’t make ’em cry or feel depressed, is my cheery message to you today. Last week I went to see Death of a Salesman at the Royal Shakespeare Company theatre in Stratford. Yes, I know, I’m a … Continue reading

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What I Nearly Did..

At the weekend, I nearly saw Michael Buble. I was in Birmingham to see the stage production of ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ (very good and recommended – and it’s on tour from London). Before the play, we indulged in a … Continue reading

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Plays and Playwriting, anyone?

We went to see ‘The Taming of The Shrew’ at the RSC last night (ooh, get me, big-fat-show-off! Only went because we’re lucky enough to live half an hour from Stratford and as it was a preview night, our friends, … Continue reading

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