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A Weekend At Home. Bostin’!

Ah, now this is nice. I can’t actually remember the last time I was home on a Saturday just pottering around and relaxing. Usually we are off somewhere or ‘entertaining’ (if that doesn’t sound too Hyacinth Bucket) or I am … Continue reading

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What I Nearly Did..

At the weekend, I nearly saw Michael Buble. I was in Birmingham to see the stage production of ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ (very good and recommended – and it’s on tour from London). Before the play, we indulged in a … Continue reading

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Welcome To The Class!

There are only 12 places in my Creative Writing class and I’m afraid, for now, it’s full (*tries not to look smug*) but I thought it might be fun to take you through what we did this morning and you … Continue reading

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‘Morning Pages’ And A Morning Visit

In an attempt to get some ‘control’ over my writing (lack of it being a main source of ‘The Stress’), I have been religiously writing my Morning Pages for the last 8 days. If you’re wondering what the heck Morning … Continue reading

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Poems That Make You Cry + ‘Giveaway’ Results

Here’s something to do on a (so far) sunny Bank Holiday morning, as you sit at the breakfast table waiting for the dog to be delivered back from the dog sitter. Leave your latest acquisition, ‘Poems That Make Grown Men … Continue reading

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Poetry, Please! (My 400th post!)

Eek, according to my WordPress ‘stats’, this is my 400th post (I’m saying ‘eek’ because I’m just wondering how many words and hours that adds up to! But, to paraphrase L’Oreal: You’re Worth It!) Anyway, it’s a milestone, so I … Continue reading

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Competition Results + ‘Words For The Wounded’

Right, I’ve kept you all in suspense for long enough: it’s time to reveal the winners of the ‘Seagull Flash Fiction/Poetry Competition’. I had 61 entries (a record!) and 20 of those were poems, which was really good to see. … Continue reading

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World Book Day + ‘Seagull’ Shortlist

Today, as I’m sure you know, is ‘World Book Day’. Now, I don’t want to sound all bitter and twisted but (*stamps foot*) WHY didn’t we have this when I was at school?! (‘eh up, when I were a lass’). … Continue reading

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The Green-Eyed Monster!

No, this isn’t another post about ‘writing gremlins’! (although mine is still alive and kicking – is yours?!) Firstly, just to say… don’t forget, if you’re intending to enter my FREE 100 word story/poem competition – see details here – … Continue reading

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Titles Matter

One thing I’m always telling my students – especially my Writers Bureau poetry students, is that ‘titles matter’. I think it’s particularly important if you want to catch the judge’s eye in a competition and/or if you’re writing poetry. There’s … Continue reading

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