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Who Hit The Bullseye…?

Writing Competition Results I am just back from a tennis weekend in Hampshire but before that – on Friday – I did 2 hours of archery, which was a BAD idea (birthday present voucher for ‘him indoors’ which was just … Continue reading

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Tips On Writing For ‘Take A Break Fiction Feast’ (TABFF)

Lots of you out there wanted to win the year’s subscription to Take A Break Fiction Feast. In fact, I had 55 names to write on the list, so thank you for entering and for the lovely comments and congratulations … Continue reading

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Fab ‘Fiction Feast’ News – And A Giveaway!

Last time I wrote, I was feeling a little glum, as you may remember. Well, I’ve perked up because the latest (November’s) issue of Take A Break Fiction Feast has three (yes, three!) of my stories in it. This is … Continue reading

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There’s Good News And Bad News

Oh, isn’t the life of a writer full of ups and downs? Today was the start of a new term for my writing class and I was thrilled to have 11 students there (the most I’ve ever had), including 3 … Continue reading

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I Am On A Writing Holiday!

I am at Writers Holiday in Fishguard! I know, I slipped away when you weren’t looking. And this place, I have to say, is the perfect de-stresser. The sun is blazing down (after yesterday’s …er.. fog! That’s Wales for you!) … Continue reading

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‘Love Is All You Need’ – Short Story Anthology (involving yours truly)

Just a quickie from me because I am off on a girls’ weekend to ‘MK’ and I still need to pack! Where is that exotic place of mystery, ‘MK’, known to those ‘in the know’, only by its initials (in … Continue reading

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A ‘Helen-Fest’ & A Short Story Workshop @ ChipLitFest

On Sunday I went to an excellent workshop on Writing Stories for the Women’s Magazine Market, run by Helen Hunt, at the Chipping Norton Literary Festival. I think I was the only person there (apart from Helen herself, of course!) … Continue reading

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